How to get rid of the chicken bronchial embolism, I think this is the topic of cultivation of friends!

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The tracheal embolism has always been a problem of aquaculture. Once it happens, it is very difficult to treat, how is the embolization? What should we prevent us? What is the halve of bronchial embolism and anatomical symptoms?

Clinical symptoms: The most typical “” Zhangkou, closed eyes, stretch neck, strange.

The chicken nasal mucosa is flushing, and there is a mucus, bronchi, and mucus in the cavity. There is a mucus inside. It can be seen after passing through the gas pipe or bronchi, which is severely extended to the lungs to form a branches, gas Nang turbid, chest gas NANG, Yellow white foam-like secretions, severe packaged heart liver, lung blood edema is obvious, the intracellular tube of the lungs has yellow-white cellulose-like secretions, forming the pulmonary bronchial embolism, the course of disease Inflammation, hepatic arms, gas Nang inflammation, etc., XUE, adenflicker, kidney redness, there is a clear tip size of Chuxue, urea has ureated salt deposition.

A typical lesions of the disease are in the trachea, the bronchial embolifier is formed, which is severely extended to the lungs, which is the main reason for the death of the chicken. 伍 柒 贰 柒柒 柒柒 柒 柒 柒 期 期 柒柒 柒 柒 零 零 零 零 零Cooperation!

Step 1: Forming mucus

The humidity of the chicken causes dust, dust, dust, virus into the lung, lungs for self-protection secretion of mucus; Excessive gas concentration will also cause a large amount of bonding of the respiratory system. Bacterial, mycoplasma has a large amount of nutrients in the lungs using the nutrient ingredients in mucus, resulting in inflammation. Under the effect of inflammation, the lungs, the trachea has a larger volume of mucus, and the lung mucus is physiologically Outlet, the mucus in the trachea is deposited downward under gravity, the bronchial is two mucosa intersections. Bacterial, mycoplasma has opened the path to the virus in the lungs, and the virus took the opportunity to enter the infected body.

Step 2: Fever

Virus, bacteria, and mycoplasma entry cause the body to suddenly fever, and the high temperature continues to bake the mucus.

The third step: clogging

High fever is constantly intensified, the mucus is slowly lost, gradually forming a cheese sample; generally not more than 24 hours of the body Difficulty breathing.


2, maintain good ventilation, avoid the ammonia concentration exceeds the standard.

3, Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are wet, and the air is dry and easy to cause lungs. The lung fire broke the lungs and yang balance, causing the mucus secretion. At this time, the lungs are extremely correct. However, the bronchial clogging is not available. Lower lungs must be interrupted. Majeshi Gan Tong is still living in lung heat cough, and is preferred for the lungs.

1, the course of the disease is too short, and the chicken patrol must be strengthened, and the problem is found to be bleed, and the mucus is controlled.

2, anti-viruses prevent secondary infection.

1, the plug is initially formed (hollow state), it should be applied to the rich agriculture to complete the rich (anti-virus + phlegm), The control mortality continues to increase.

2, antipyretics, E. coli (Fuguchi Qing) continuing to apply

3, due to no diaphragm, bacteria will quickly extend downward Inflammation, pack of liver, so it is essential to prevent airbags.

Through the above analysis, it is necessary to strengthen the breeding management, diligent disinfection, cut off the dissemination pathway and infectious sources of disease during breeding process; rationally add preventive drugs, improve the body’s immunity, to reduce Easy animals; minimize the generation of all adverse stress factors to reduce the chance of dyeness, thus maximizing our breeding profits.
especially in winter, breeding friends should add morePay attention!

Chicken bracket, symptom, prevention measures, with good animal husbandry

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