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The fell source of this round of live sheep can be traced back to the end of 2013. Due to the past few years in 2013, the lamb prices are rushing straight, “Yanggui” “Gui Sheep” and other plays Let the practitioners of many livestock farmers, plus the breeding pillars – the pig industry is just in the strange circle of the pig cycle, so many breeding households have begun to turn to the meat sheep breeding, the national scorpography throughout the country

to spring 2014, the number of live sheep breeding, the fall of the sheep has begun to appear, followed by the northwestern region of my meat sheep, the country and the provinces and provinces have taken response. Measures, prohibiting restrictive means such as inter-provincial transfer allows the sheep for a large number of suitable age that can not go on time, even if it can only rely on the local market, the influence of the epidemic continues to September 2014, and the limited restrictions Measures, one time, the number of sheep has exploded, plus imported mutton from Australia, etc. At this time, it will also begin a large amount to enter the domestic market. The lamb supply is far exceeded the market demand, and sheep has begun to fall;

The quantity of the sheep in 2014 is huge, this wave supply is greater than, continued until fourth May 2015, and the cuisine in 2014 is basically market digestion, but the new batch of sheep is already waiting. After the column, the phenomenon of greater than seeking almost all years in 2015; September 2015, Xinjiang is starting from the mainland, and the price of live sheep has turned, but it has not waited for the market to react, live sheep At the end of the transfer, the price of the sheep fell again. This wave fell continued until the end of the year, and finally told a paragraph due to the advent of New Year’s Day and the beginning of the new year purchase season.

It can be seen that the decline in the lamb prices is mainly caused by the market impact. Whenever the live sheep is more concentrated, the price of the sheep will fall. By the beginning of 2016, Inner Mongolia, etc. The amount and the amount of stocks have declined significantly, so the sheep price is also open.Start rise. But this does not mean that in 2016, the price of mutton sheep in the main production area of ​​the meat sheep in Inner Mongolia has fallen, but because the Spring Festival will start entering the birth season and the birth of the lamb, the price of the sheep will still fall. Then, it is very likely that the price of live sheep is highly stable and small in the first half of the year until the second half of the seasons are coming.

If there is no other impact, the coming of the annual slaughter season will be the rise in the price of the sheep. It is expected that it will not be exception in 2016. How long can the rise can not judge, but even the lamb has risen, It will not be a line up, more will show a fluctuation rising, and then become more stable, the price of the sheep after the rise is expected to reach the peak of the previous year, after all, the overall view, the number of sheep is still comparative big.

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