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In the summer, it is the most difficult time of the rabbit. It will cause heat stroke, parasitic diseases, infectious diseases and nutritional diseases, so in summer, especially nutrition. Regulation of aspects.

First, improve energy levels. It is generally believed that the summer weather is hot, and the design formula for rabbit should reduce energy levels. However, it must be clear that in the hot summer, the feeding capacity of rabbits is declining, the nutritional intake is serious, it is difficult to ensure the need for growth, hair and reproduction. If the level of energy in the feed is reduced, it is bound to cause further imbalances. Therefore, the energy level should be appropriately increased, and the relative stability of energy is maintained in the case of rabbits to reduce feeding. Experience has shown that increasing fat content is most effective.
Second, supplementing the feed of heat. When the appetite of rabbits is lowered, the green grass green rapeseed melon, etc. Consult QQ: 2627108897

Third, to ensure drinking water. The effect of water is that any other nutrients cannot be replaced, and the role in summer is greater. It must be guaranteed free drinking water!
Fourth, replenishing the electrolyte multi-grapegose. In order to enhance heat-saving and cooling effects and improve the body’s immunity, some diseases or mitigation conditions are prevented, and the electrolytic multi-dimensional glucose is appropriately added in drinking water.
V. Large doses of drinking microecological preparations. Summer drinking microecological preparations have three: first, prevent gastrointestinal diseases; second, relieve heat stress; third, reduce rabbit odor and harmful gas concentration, control infectious rhinitis and pneumonia. QQ: 2627108897

Sixth, appropriate increase in baking soda. In order to improve the heatstroke effect, add a small soda in the feed or drinking water. (For reference only)

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