How to grow a chicken for a long time?

How to grow a chicken, how to eat what drug long, how long is the long fast, the method is more, the essence is the growth law of the chickshe, and then take advantage of it, this chicken can be long Faster. When the chick is small, it is mainly a long body, and the “body type” of the chicken includes two aspects of the meanings, namely body weight and skeleton. The weight includes the bones, muscles, internal organs, feathers, etc. Due to the accuracy of the lumen content such as water and educational gap, it is generally measured by weight to measure the growth and development of chickens. The bones form the skeleton of chicken body weight, and the other compositions of the body are present in the support of the skeleton, and this stage is also a growth-of-growth in the later period, but also focuses on the growth and development of this stage. Usually after seven days after the chick, when you can feed, add the traditional Chinese medicine that promotes the long class when feeding, this time helps to broaden the skeleton, extend the intestines, etc., for the next year’s better promotion I have a good foundation. Everyone is commonly used, has a fatty traditional Chinese medicine fat.

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Feili is mainly for Chinese medicine for chicken, which is based on the principle of cellular transmission, according to the physiological growth mechanism of broiler, and the main components have a mid horse, and the main 份 首乌, malt , Soybean (fried), minerals and other traditional Chinese medicine ingredients can effectively improve the growth rate of chickens, not only delicious, compact, good taste, but also contain any violation of ingredients, is a good product, chicken Friends can be safe to use, do not affect the quality of chicken, the actual application is obvious, eat more, pull the pulse, good meat, good taste, more meat, in advance, the market is good, sales have a high new high . The above is the faster related content of chicks, more about the welcome to call the website, we will be happy to serve you, exchange the chicken technology, experience, complement each other, do our farming career Ok, help our easily make money!

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