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The chickens encountered a very weak thing I want to have a long time to raise chicken, if we are weaker, first we lose it on the starting line.

It also indicates that this batch of chickens will not be too good to have a very difficult management.

Sometimes we do not change anyway, there will be no changes in the weakness of the weak, and encounter such a chicken.

Today, I talk to you, because I am anxious, I want to solve this problem, I can use the following six ways to manage.

1, the bracing feeding: Due to the weak body, the reaction is slow, there should be in front of the bullion, and the phenomenon of being bullied separately.
2, improve temperature: weak bullion is caused by poor development of embryo, the shell is late and the ovals absorption is caused, and the energy temperature adjustment is poor.
So, when breeding, a higher temperature should be given to facilitate further development of embryos and yang absorption.

Generally put the weak cracked by the heat insulator, the temperature is maintained at 34-36 ° C.
3, suitable humidity: weakly wet is 60-65%, if humidity exceeds 80%, susceptible to diarrhea and other diseases.

If the humidity is less than 40%, it is easy to have hair dryness, mental uneasiness, loss of appetite, etc., is not conducive to weak bullion.
4, timely replenishment body fluid: It is best to feed the kit to supplement the salt.

The formulation is: 3.5 grams of sodium chloride, 2.5 grams of sodium hydrogencarbonate, 1.5 grams of potassium chloride, 20 grams of glucose, 10 ° C warm water at 30 ° C.

5% glucose water or 8% sugar water can also be used. You can’t drink drink, fell with drop tube, 4-5 drops each time.

5, reasonable feeding: Due to weak chicks and digestive organs, the addition of yolk absorption is not complete, and the opening time should be less than the ferriciary. The first time is less.

If you don’t eat eating individual, artificially feeding.

In the way, “less feed, diligent, not hungry” is started to feed 7-8 times a day.

5-6 times later, this is both conducive to promoting feeding, and prevents feed waste.
6, strengthenNursing: The weak chicks with eggshells, egg film and fetal fat, apply cloth or cotton and warm water, but do not wet feathers.

Upper use of drugs, prevention and treatment of diseases, can be added 0.05% oxymithromycin and 0.02% of dysent, alternately.

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