How to help Lerala clear eyes?

timg.jpg Healthy Labrador looks very spirited, it has a clear and bright eyes, if the pull of pull is suddenly increased, this will be caused, how to solve it. How to help Lerala clear eyes, and it’s a pair of bright eyes?

There are many reasons why the pull of the Lara Eye. Such as, get angry, eye inflammation, long eyelashes, tears blogs, dogs, etc. If you find that the pull of the Lara Eye, you must not ignore it, take it to check the diagnosis, then remove the eyelid in the professional to pull the eyelid, and treat it.

Similar to eye inflammation, lacrimal gland, canine, etc., must be treated in time. Whether it is drug treatment or surgical treatment, it should be actively cooperated with veterinary and timely choices. For example, Labrador’s congenital lacrimal gland blogs, long pour eyelashes, etc., it must be treated, general drug treatment, and diet will not have too much effect. Milky eye inflammation, gynecal treatment, etc. can be treated with diet, to achieve the effect of treatment.

In addition to timely treatment, it is usually taken care of the eyes of the pull. Wash 1 eye for it every day, and water with warm water or 2% borate can be cleaned. Note that it can prevent the eyes of chloramphenicol to prevent long-term eyelids caused the glaucoma, usually buy some eye drops, a few drops of Labrador daily, preventing it from inflammation.

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