How to help the dog clear bad breath

u=4104526585,3259089764&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Usually the pet-like dog is smelling, it is a little depressed. If your dog is being suffered from bad breath, then you will look at this article! Four The method teaches you to help the dog to remove bad breathing ~

can be selected along with toothpaste, toothbrush and finger (on Care combination of toothed bristles). There is a ready-made toothbrush with a dedicated toothpaste, just buy a dedicated toothpaste, you may wish to choose a meat, pressing toothpaste, so that the resistance of the dog can minimize the resistance of the brushing teeth.

2, tone clergy

A clear chewable tablets made from mint, coriander oil, leaflochemical. Can let the dog go to the mouth of the chewing process, but only the large dog is used.

3, clean teeth

can go to the tertraiscar, prevent periodontal disease, the cleansing bone bone with a bad breath, now also have multiple choices, non- Say the milk bone is a single purchase. In addition, the chlorophyll ingredients are clean. If you don’t want to let dogs develop a person who eats zero habits, you can consider the special rubber nectar bone, and the dog is playing with the dental purpose.

4, except for 口 臭 喷

Want to use the fastest and simple way, let the dog tone fresh people, non-use, division, A spray effect.

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