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Early recognition confirmation is the key, and weaning piglets are generally milled, so they must distinguish the true sick and weak pigs and healthy pigs according to their feeding.

How to identify? Generally, the sick and weak pigs have the following features:

1, being smashed or knotted.

2, thin bone, abdominal circumference reduction.

3, abdominal recess (lift the pig with its abdomen).

4, the spirit is depressed, the head wavenwinks.

5, no intensive, do not fight.

6, squeezing into a group or the group is alone (usually leaning against the wall).

7, the body temperature is higher than 39 ° C.


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Piglets of abdominal depression

Healthy piglet

How to raise management? 1, sick pig

(1) is determined as a sick pig, but still struggling: feeding and treating in the original column; Convenient tracking observation.

(2) Does not fight: transfer to the sick pig bar for treatment; the main points of feeding are the same as the stiff pig.

(3) Consult the veterinary, symptomatic treatment.

(4) Turning into the rehabilitation column after sick pig rehabilitation.

(5) Eliminating sick pigs without treatment, properly handling.

2, Ziguo

(1) set the zombie bar in a warm and ventilated place.

(2) Add additional heating devices.

(3) Provides additional pad.

(4) Feeding dry and wet mixture: clearing the tank twice a day and timely feed (noifies for feeding in noon).

(5) Place the replenish tank.

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