How to improve cat cats?

timg (9).jpg The quality of the pormer is directly related to the nutrient status of the cat. So, if you want to have a good color, you must eat well. First, you have to know what nutrients can help improve your cat. Supplementary trace elements of food, seaweed, vegetables, etc. are all kinds of trace elements.

    1, protein adequate protein can protect the growth quality of cat hair, making hair growth faster, more strong, can also improve hair bifurcation. Especially for long-haired cats, it is not easy to hang more than a protein. Supplementary protein and fat food appropriate amount of lean meat, cooked egg yolk, vegetable oil, etc., which helps improve fur gloss improvement. However, there are excessive intake of fat to cause many other problems. As you have, you must pay attention to the cat prepare these foods, not too much.

  • 2, vitamin E Vitamin E has anti-aging, antioxidant, can improve the body immunity, protect the intact and function of the cell membrane, and maintain the health of the fur. Professional dog grain professional cat food uses the formulation developed by cat nutrition experts to determine the need to effectively take care of the needs, the balance of trace elements and fat content can help you supplement nutrition.
  • 3, vitamin D Vitamin D is the main substance of normal calcification of bones, which can promote the absorption of calcium phosphorus to help fur absorption and decompose nutrients. Fat-fat is the main material that guarantees the bright cattle skin, and can help it absorb other nutrients. The lack of fat will make the cat skin itching, and the aftetle is increased, and the fur is rough.

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