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Every winter is the highest annual cattle price, the demand for beef cattle is large, and it is high for the meat extract of the beef cattle. The same body weight, a percentage of outbreak, and a pound of live cattle is 0.3 yuan, which is the reason why many cattle sells. Winter cattle, grabbing is the key. Today, I will introduce a additive product, I hope to help the friends of the cattle. We offer a high-efficiency premix to increase the slaughter rate – Yingmeire is small.
Small materials — Beef beef sheep reduce fat to increase the lean meat rate, this product can effectively reduce fat and increase lean meat. In the final long mea, the bullwool can increase the lean meat of about 20%, reducing 30% of fat. Added rumen and other promotion lengths, especially in the middle and later periodic effects of cattle sheep. It is a new type of new additive for a safe and efficient meat beef sheep approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.
[Raw material composition] Vitamin E, packaged by vitamin C, Moone bacteria (also known as namstones), pyridic carboxylate, organic rare earth, cysteamine hydrochloride, snoring, etc. Carrier: glucose, submertime. . [Usage and Dosage] Beef cattle: this product 1 bag 500g can be equipped with fine material 1000kg meat sheep: this product 1 bag 500g can be equipped with fine material 1500kg [drug content] Mooneng bacteria 64000mg / kg [compatibility taboo] Thai bacteria, bamboo peach Mythromycin [suspension period] 5 days [notes] Ma, disabate [production license] feeding (2010) 3874 [Approval number] Beijing-feeding (pre-) word (2010) 288601 [Standard number q / TXYLB002-2009 [Shelf life] 12 months [net weight] 500g / bag [product ingredient analysis guarantee value] vitamin E5600-7000IU / kg, chromium ≤0.1% small investment, high output, for the utmost benefit of the big beef cattle farmers Large improvement. With the premix of Beijing Yeamel, there is an expected effect. Company: Beijing Youli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Brand: Yingmeire Product person: single Xiaodong Consulting: 18911559526 (Synchronous WeChat) QQ: 481408757 Company Lander: 010-60553558;

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