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1, “Temping”

When taken from the refrigerator, the temperature is low, should not be inoculated immediately, so that the vaccine will restore normal temperature before they can be vaccinated.

Because the vaccine of temperature is injected into the pig body, it will appear cold stress, stimulate the partial pain, increase the vaccine stress, and even the pig pain shock.
2, “Winter and Summer”

Diluted Vaccine is used in half an hour, the temperature is high in summer, the diluted vaccine is placed in high temperature for more than 1 hour will make vaccine immunization The effect is reduced or even immunization. Therefore, the vaccine is immunized to dilute the vaccine according to the size of the immunohards, and avoid immunity and waste.

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3, “Deep Sharver”

Some vaccines such as foot-and-mouth disease, atrophic rhinitis, infectious pleural pneumonia, etc., require the neck deep muscle injection, and choose reasonable when inoculation The length of the needle, and the needle is injected at 90 ° vertically to enter the vaccine into the deep muscle layer.
If the angle skew is selected when the needle is too short or the needle is selected, the vaccine may be hit by the fat layer or connective tissue site. Since these locations are poor, the vaccine is stimulated, and the disease is generated. Symptoms, resulting in a decline in vaccine immunity or fail.
At the same time, local swelling necrosis may also cause other vaccines to decrease, and some vaccines or drugs such as insecticidal needles produced by certain manufacturers, generally require skin injection to be effective, if they choose too long needle The drug solution is hit into a deep muscle layer, and since the liquid is absorbed too fast, the effect of killing the eggs is not met, the insectomy effect is invalid.

4, “Needless”

To select the right needle according to the individual size of the pig, such as the production of the house tract piglets to choose 9 # × 13 needle, the pre-occupation of the Pig Choice 12 # × 20 needles, the post-shelf life of the pig selection 12 # × 25 needle, the Chinese pig choice 16 # × 25 needle, the meat, the breeding, the breeding, the pig sow, etc.Select 16 # × 38 needle.

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5, “Dedicated Dedicated” Needle should be disinfected, and carefully check each needle before disinfection, such as whether it is tip There is a hook, if there is a hook, it can be worn away with a sharpening stone, otherwise it cannot be used to avoid increasing the immunized pigs only stress and infection. And the needle should be replaced in time, and at least a hog should be guaranteed.

6, “Health Check”

Before the vaccine is immunized, it is necessary to perform health checks to be immunized by immunized pigs.

If the pig group is inactive or in the incubation period of the epidemic, it is not possible to confirm that the pig group is in a healthy state to immunize. In some special cases, emergency vaccination must be taken in such a special case, such as a pork group.
7, “Pre-inoculation treatment”

Prior to the vaccination, some multi-dimensional, polysaccharides, electrolytes and other health products can be added to pigs, such as Duo Le, Kochi, etc., can improve vaccine immunity and reduce immune stability.
8, “After the vaccination treatment”
After the vaccine is immunized, the bottle or utensils of the disinfection vaccine should be concentrated with disinfectant soaking, unified treatment, and do not lose everywise.

It is possible to poison to poison due to the repeated cultivation of the pig body, bringing potential epidemic infection pressure to the pig farm.
9, “Nutrition is critical”

Pig Square Health – Starting from Nutrition.

Feed Nutrition has great impact on the health level of pigs and vaccines, especially to pay attention to feed mold toxins on pig gastrointestinal digestion absorption and pig immunity, good feed nutrition is the vaccine immune effect. Guarantee.

Source: Huiling Biology

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