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According to the growth and development of the rabbit, we must weaned milk in a timely manner, not too late. Weaning is too early, because the rabbit digestive system is still incomplete, the digestion of the feed is poor. It is not good to wear too late. This is due to the long-term relying on the breast milk, the amount of feed, the digestive system does not have the amount of exercise, and the generation of various digestive enzymes in the digestive tract will also affect the growth of the rabbit. The feed of young rabbits should be nutritious, easy to digest, a small volume, high energy and protein level. You must also pay attention to the properness of the feed, do less feed, feed weight, increase the weight, increase the weight, can not suddenly increase and change the feed, the relative stability of the feed must be maintained. There is enough, clean, sanitary drinking water, otherwise it is easy to suffer from digestive tract diseases or cause death. Consultation QQ: 2627108897

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