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With the gradual scale of beef cattle, farmers have more and more attention to the nutrition of the beef cattle, how to make the beef cattle quickly grow and achieve considerable economic benefits in a short period of time, and is the topic that the farmer is most concerned! I. According to the weight, environmental conditions, the forage duel case, the fertilizer plan, the beef cattle is different in different growth and development, and the different growth rates and different environmental conditions are greatly different. If you can fully satisfy the nutritional needs of the beef cattle, you can play the biggest production potential. In principle, the grass in summer and autumn is unlimited, and there are unlimited amounts of hay straw in the winter and spring season. Frequetting meat cow usually divided into three phases: 250 ~ 300 kg body weight beef cattle, the proportion of fine material in the diet accounts for 55%, the crude protein content is 11%; 350 ~ 400 kg of heavy cattle, the proportion of fine material in the diet is 75%, crude protein content 10.8%; 450 ~ 500 kg of body weight, the proportion of fine materials in the diet accounted for 75% to 80%, the crude protein content is 10%. Second, the principle of beef Niki grain formulation Beef Niki grain formulation mainly includes: 1, using local feed raw materials and agricultural and sideline products, variety. It is recommended to make it in place, maximize feed costs; 2, fine, coarse material variations according to the different growth stages of the cow, flexible adjustment; 3, pay attention to the margin and fullness. Poor premise, satisfying nutrition is the foundation. Third, the choice of beef cattle and the choice of meat is currently divided into the whole price, concentration and premix. How to get the highest cultured benefits at the lowest cost, and the choice of feed plays a key role. Meiya Xiaobian reminds you: Weifang Meiya Feed Co., Ltd. produces a dedicated concentrate, including 32 proteins, can meet the nutritional requirements required for cattle growth, use imported rumen, rationally add, improve feed utilization efficiency, high nutrition Level, high absorption conversion can greatly reduce the growth cycle, make cows faster, with the highest cost of breeding benefits! Economic benefits, agricultural and sideline products, beef cattle, growth rate, farmers

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