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Winter climate is cold, low temperature, the feeding capacity of the beef cattle will have a certain impact, farming Friends will also try to improve the feedthrough of beef cattle, and several ways to improve the feeding volume, I hope to help everyone! 1, dry wet problems now have three kinds, namely: dry powder, moisture mix material (water 1: 1) and porn, according to test, wet material feed, the amount of drought is the worst. 2, the grain size of the pulverized particle size is preferably 0.8 mm to 1.5 mm. If the utilization rate of the feed is low, the feed is lowered; too thin, time long may cause digestive ulcers, not healthy, too fine material It also declines, thereby affecting the feeding capacity. 3. Salt is normal to grow, fattening, fat, salt, the demand for salt is 0.8%, if the salt has dropped from 0.8% to 0.4%, the amount of drums can decrease by 20%, and the weight will be reduced. 4, the taste of sweetener beef is very developed, and the taste of the tongue is three times that of humans. The most like the beef cattle is sweet, such as the feed contains a sweetener, and the feed volume rises. 5, water is water is the source of life, and water is also a necessary substance to transport nutrition. In the early days of water, the beef cattle desire is significantly reduced, especially if you don’t like to eat dry powder, with the increase of loss of water, the appetite of the beef cattle may be completely abolished. Therefore, it is necessary to give a drink enough water, how much drinking water, seriously affects the amount of feed. 6. Feeding additives are feeding the beef cattle, which can add additives such as beneficia bacteria to regulate the balance of the flour stomach in the raft, improve the feeding capacity, and promote the growth of the beef cattle. The presence of the US feed company can significantly improve the gastrointestinal microorganism environment, promote absorption, improve feed remuneration, significantly improve the meat ratio, meat quality; also can improve the immunity, effectively prevent digestive system disease, The intractable diarrhea has special effects. In addition, some beef cattle diseases such as parasitic diseases, colds, gastroenteritis, etc., the changes in the meat cows, the transfer group in the raised cattle, the coefficient, replacement, and epidemic prevention process, etc. . In the usual feeding process, it should be noted that avoiding the factors for the decline in food. IMG343871070.JPG

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