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In the 2 weeks of breast rabbit, the rabbit is gradually transitioned from the breast rabbit to the young rabbit. Young rabbits are growing fast, more feeding, but their digestive ability, especially the digestibility of crude fibers is weak. Therefore, the feed of young rabbits should be nutritious, easy to digest, small volume, good equation, energy and protein level. However, attention should be paid to the nutrients, the higher the better, and the use of a large amount of fine feed (high energy, high protein, low fiber) is easy to cause diarrhea and enteritis. A certain crude feed plays an important role in adjusting the digestive system. Generally, the yarn content of the young rabbit has a coarse fiber content of about 12%. In order to promote the growth and development of young rabbits, the mixture should be added to the appropriate amount of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, enzyme preparations, and antibiotics.
Young rabbit appetite is strong, easy to get gluten. Feed to be quantified, adding less, feeding 4 ~ 5 times a day, usually mixing the mixed fine material 2 times a day, green feeding 2 ~ 3 times. Feed must be cleaned, green feed should be tender, green grass with soil must be washed and dried. Feeding should be increased with age, and the weight increases gradually increase.
At the same time, it should also be guaranteed to supply a sufficient clean drinking water. Generally, drinking water every day in winter, 2 times a day, the temperature should be done, and the water is constantly changed; it is best to maintain 2 ~ 3 hours a day. Outdoor movement time to promote digestion, promote appetite, promote calcium phosphorus absorption, and improve the disease resistance of young rabbits.

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