How to increase the respiratory disease in winter chicken?

It is undeniable that the current epidemic is getting more and more serious, while the winter is a big problem. Or
returned to a little, that is, temperature and ventilation. Due to excessive insulation in winter, the temperature
is too low, the chicken is cold, or the air is not in the air. Winter chicken pays attention to ventilation?

1, winter egg hooks, the causes of respiratory diseases, poor feeding management, the level of respiratory pathogenesis (temperature difference factors) caused by the stress factors, and the strong relationship with the body’s resistance .

Winter chicken is easy to breathe disease because autumn and winter climate is changed, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the ventilation is not easy to regulate, it is easy to cause a high temperature and low, and the humidity is suddenly low, Chickens cause frequent environmental stress, affecting the body’s resistance.

The heat stress and cold stress should be excited. Thermal stress is due to the high temperature of the chickenhouse, causing the chicken to die, hot paralysis; cold stress is due to the weather temperature rise, the heat source is faulty, the ventilation is too large and the chamber has a thief wind or wear wind causes the temperature Respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, cough
2, air drying, easy to cause damage to the mucosa of the chicken. This is also the cause of the autumn and winter egg chicken hair.

3, short sunlight, and natural ambient temperature is suitable, suitable for pathogenic microbes in the environment. In addition to the fall in autumn, it provides a good survival in the pathogenic microorganism, which is the cause of autumn and winter egg chicken. Gingerhouse management?

4, the latch is too high, the high density is not only affecting growth, but also leads to the pathogen of respiratory diseases, and the chicken is easy to develop. This kind of situation is more common, due to brooding The temperature is high, and the chick is less excreted. If the humidity is not artificially increased, the air is dry in the air, which is easy to trigger the chick mucosa drying, asthma, dry cough. Therefore, we should be in time to ventilate, ventilation, reduce harmful gas content such as ammonia, sulfur dioxide; pay attention to keep your sanitary, bowl, sink, ground, wall, ceiling, and ensure that the chicken has a clean, sanitary, quiet environment of. Reduce the occurrence of respiratory tract. In the treatment, it is ineffective when it is treated, and it is necessary to cooperate with an environmental improvement to achieve good results. The chicken is too high?

5, inadequate ventilation, lyophilic dust and harmful gases (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, etc.), especially in the end of broiler, eat more, row of feces, if the pad, feces removal Not in time, plus the individual of the chicken increases, the relative density also increases, so that the source of harmful gases in the house increases, if the ventilation is poor, the harmful gas concentration is too high, stimulating the respiratory mucosa, causing respiratory symptoms, also Important reasons for forming a disease of autumn and winter egg chicken.

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