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When the fecal trait is observed, the stool is dry, and the diarrhea is thin. When he is bleeding, he is blood; there is a bloody gastroenteritis, and the feces are thin, with a feed and peeled intestinal mucosal epiplic episode of incomplete digestion, some It is mixed with blood, which is aspiration and blood, and smell.
The appetite and drinking water fox have a lot of appetite. As the condition is aggravated, there is a hyperbinating, some have hyperactive phenomenon. When the fox appears, the leaf pneumonia, etc., although the eating, thirst is enhanced.
The normal body temperature of the fox is 38.8 ° C ~ 39.6 ° C, and the symptoms of the normal thermostat are all incidence. The body temperature is high, and the temperature is heavily heavily above 1 ° C is slightly hot, and the increase of 2 ° C is hot, and the increase of 3 ° C is high.
Some body temperature is lower than that of normal thermostats, such as feed poisoning, large boss, etc. Body temperature measurement method: Baoding fox, first blow the body temperature meter water and silver column back to the original position, slowly insertion of the lubricant, generally insertion from its anus, generally 1 to 3 times daily, can be determined according to the condition. When suffering from gestitis, the vaginal temperature can be determined.
Video mucosa inspection generally refers to mucosa inspection of anus, vagina, oral cavity. Pale is caused by anemia; the flush is caused by congestion; yellow-stained is a signs of jaundice, more common in liver disease; the increase in hematology is increased in blood, and the number of hemoglobin is increased, more common in heart failure, large circulating disorder and other diseases.
The cough and nasal examination are often caused by cold, pneumonia, bronchitis. A large number of nasal fluids is often caused by dogproof, infectious rhinitis.
Respiratory action Observing the number of respiratures of the fox is 21 to 30 times per minute, the spacing time of the breathing is consistent, and the chest and abdomen breathing, and the left and right symmetry, the breathing is very flat. If the number of breathing, rhythm, breathing, etc. have changed, there is difficulty breathing.
Dining observation of fox urine has a fixed or regular posture, and it is fixed to urinate. If you have the urination, uneasiness, hind limbs and post-abdomen are caused by urinary pain, more urethral stones, cystitis and other diseases; urinary incontinence, more common in dogwood; decrease in urination, more common in nephritis, Vomiting, dysentery and other diseases.
Sports observation If the fox movement is not coordinated, such as still disorders, shake, the limbs are soft, the joint flexion, the limbs are separated, or the muscle tension is too low, the prosthetic limbs caused by too high, or the abdominal muscle is tension, change Hard equalization, as well as sports numbEquisical, etc., all reflect the pathogenesis of the nervous system.

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