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Poultry respiratory disease is a key disease that threatens poultry health production, how can I effectively determine the nature of respiratory disease and formulate prevention and control programs, is a concern of many clinic veterinarians. First, the body disease is slow, there is no secondary infection, less death, less cough, mainly nasal, slow snoring, can’t hear during the day, there is a more obvious snoring at night. 1. The evil stronger is very fast. 2. Infectious laryngiitis, there is a scream in the chicken group, strange, neck, partial cough blood; infection is fast. Second, bacterial respiratory disease 1. Boostophic disease in Bostacillus disease is relatively universal, a kind of respiratory pathogenesis of seed chickens, or a hidden passage; chick is mainly difficult to breathe in 5 days ago. Symptoms, the same branch is very similar. Other single bacterial respiratory pathogens generally do not occur. 2. Nasal Pipeitis Burgacteria is mainly caused by snoring, cough, high mortality; broilers are generally mixed with H9, and there are not many single. Octa is mostly single, mainly airbag disease. Anatomical lesions and mycoplasma are very similar, there is a large amount of foam in the abdominal cavity, cheese samples in the airbag; fast infection, high mortality can distinguish between the body disease. Third, viral respiratory disease responded to viral respiratory pathogens, mainly to rely on laboratory testivity, but most of them should be judged by clinical judgment. Fourth, the causes of respiratory diseases 1. Infectious bronchitis is mainly caused by vaccine, therefore, immunization of boss vaccines should be cautious. 2. Infectious laryngi inflammation is mainly inoculating the vaccination dose, the vaccine is dropped in the chicken house, followed by a wild infection. H9 and its mixing sensation is high, please pay attention. 3. The cause of Boostacine disease is mainly vertically propagated, followed by horizontal spread. 4. The body of the body disease is generally existent, and the condition is pathogenic. 5. The main reason for the occurrence of nosepartitis bird bacilli is the presence, vertical communication, horizontal transmission, and 80% of my country’s airbagitis is a nasal tube bacilli infection.

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