How to keep the cat can

timg.jpg The cat is small, and you can’t eat can. It is very easy to dry in the refrigerator, it is easy to eat. What do I speculation now is a cat canister, what should I do? Today, I will tell you how to keep the cat’s can.

    First, go to buy a can cover, there are many online. As long as you cover it. And there are many different specifications, there is definitely a suitable for you. So before I bought it, I’d better stay a few cans of it usually eat, so as not to buy too big or too small. Generally five yuan, ten yuan can buy one. It is not recommended for four months of Mimi to eat can.

  • Second, if you have to feed it, you can use a little bit to give them a meal. Because the cat cans are high energy, high protein food, just like people eat in the Spring Festival, it is possible to cause indigestion every time they eat directly. And carbohydrates like rice, it is good for the growth of cats.
  • In addition, it is important to note that it is easy to indigestion when you eat cans or simple meat when the kitten is less than three months. Because its digestive organ is delicate, there is a lot of digestive enzymes, so the digestion will be diarrhea, and you can feed some milk enzyme regulate gastrointestinal function (preferably wheeled to milk enzyme).
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