How to let the dog becomes a well-behaved

u=2364129659,2435398936&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Let the dog go to the smart obeys, not only beneficial daily care such as bristles, shower, repair nails and perennial materials from mouth, feeding, etc., and can make dogs and owners It lives together and greatly avoids the occurrence of various accidents. Therefore, all breeders should take care of their dogs. Training should pay attention to the following points:

(1) The puppies start training 70 days after birth, and adult dogs should be trained immediately.

  • (2) When teaching new things, it should be quiet, safe place; when reviewing something that has been understood, when it is slightly dispersed, the review has been fully grasped, Conductive places in more dispersed. In this way, training the dog’s attention is gradually trained to the owner.
  • (3) Training more effects in a short time. For example, compared with 1 day, 1 day, 2 times, 5-10 minutes each time, more effective, can keep the dog fresh.

  • (4) Can’t excess. For example, when training “Sit down”, after several dogs can be done well (or occasionally). It should be encouraged by it. This is much better than the last 10 consecutive training.

  • (5) It is difficult to concentrate on the dog’s attention. At this time, it is necessary to have a patient.
  • (6) After each perfect task is completed, it is the best way to reward the dog, such as feeding some meat. If you can’t let the dog feel that training is happy, then you can’t achieve the expected training purpose.

  • (7) Patting the dog “Do bad things” to grasp the timing. The correction time is not after the dog is finished, but it is ready to do it.
  • (8) It is repeatedly trained to deepen the memory of the dog. Exhausted training can cause dogs to have an emotion and escape. Therefore, you should not ask the dog to learn within one day, you have to review the day on day.

  • (9) Corporal penalty can only be used in this case where the dog is going to bite. To train large dogs. According to the dog’s personality, some need to use violent means. In addition, when training with a zipper or a nail, it should be in time when there is no effect.Veterinary or experts ask.
  • (10) The shortcut to obey the training is exercises, persistent, patience, hard work, reward.

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