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Choose a good species. That is, choose the best hybrid combination sheep, and the hybridization advantage is increased. Such as Boer goat, etc., local Bai Mountain sheep makes multi-hybrids, cultivated meat with goat, has a large body, the genetic function is constant, the medium is high, and the disease is strong, and the product is high. Wool snow, good gloss, good elasticity. Construction circle house. Built the meat sheep, you should do the winter warm summer cool, you must build in the terrain, the drainage and ventilation, clean and hygienic, sitting in the north of Rising, 1.8 meters high in the back wall, 8.2 meters high, outside It is a stadium to make a superior career inventions in inventions.豢 豢 母. The ewa wants to grazing on the high-quality pastry or mountain field, or maybe feeding the feature forage. Also, every day, every ewa, feeding 0.4 ~ 0.7 kg of inclusions. The composition of the sandy feed: 60% of corn, 80% wheat bran, 16% cottonseed cake, 12% soybean meal, 1% salt salt, calcium hydrogen phosphate calcium. Choosing a lamb salt selection from the lamb population, a good life, good food, and a lamb without disease, constitute a fattening group after weaning. It is best to choose the bullet blossom, due to the development of the ramb, and did not reach sexual maturity. Lamb supplement. It can be used with a variety of soybean cakes (), or 45% of corn, 23%, 30% soybean meal, 1% soybean meal, 1% soybean meal. The fine feed of the lamb is added to the increase of the month. 20 ~ 30 days, each lamb is 50 ~ 70 grams; 1 to 2 months of age of 100 ~ 150 grams; 200 grams from 2 to 3 months, 2 times a day. At the end of the hour. The lamb can increase the development of the meat sheep, improve the meat, cut the taste. Lamb can be broken at 2 ~ 21 days, but is most suitable at 2 to 7 days. The cutting-tailor husband is best to do in the morning. Measures: First, the rubber tends are broken. The rubber band having a good elasticity, set between the 2nd to 3th of the lamb, so that the lower portion is not numerified, and then zero itself from 10 days. The fast knife is broken. Tail the tail roet with the string, isolate the blood, then cut off the tail of the fast knife 4 to 5 cm, and tie it with the gauze, you can unwind the tedrium in the afternoon, you can get 5 ~ 7 days. The trend has led. The public lambs are also carried out, and the rubber programs and surgical methods can be used. Commonly used is the gentle probing method, squeezing the testicles of the grand lambs in the age of 7 days to the scrotum, tighten the rubbles in the sorrel part, 20 to 30 days, the scrotum and the plunger will dry natural and zero . Real-time disinfection. In the rare governance of the meat sheep,There is always enough, clean drinking water supply, the ventilation in the house, boring on the ground, is a paddam, and the feed is not polluted. For the sheep, sheep house, tank, sink, disinfection; the lamb, forage, equipment, etc. must be placed in the sun; for the task, medical appliances should be done. prevent disease. According to the prevalence of local pearvarians, the “anti-weight” of the “anti-gravitation”, there is a plan to prevent the flock to prevent and immunize the flock, to avoid the epidemic and parasitic diseases

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