How to make a farm secure through “Three Di Tian”

At present, it has entered the most hot three-day sky. This three-day days will last for 40 days. I have just entering three volts. Some areas have reached 40 ° C, which makes people don’t dare to look directly, this year is 咋热? How do you do such a hot day? What measures should we take safely from the day.

As we all know, pigs are constant temperature animals, and the fur is fat, the sweat gland is not developed, the perspiration will not be smooth, so the pig is easy to gasp, so through the tongue to distribute the heat, how to let The pigs spent three volts?

Management is in the first place, pay attention to the management of the pig farm, always guarantee the temperature in the house, the following management work is the main point of management of summer pig farms, see if your pig farm has those aspects. Ok.

1, doing a good job in feed nutrition

In the case of high temperature in three volts, the appetite and feeding volume of pigs will decline, and the growth rate of pigs will also be affected accordingly. Therefore, in this period, appropriately improve the nutritional level of the feed, pay attention to the adjustment of feeding, for example, in the morning and evening, let the pig eat more times in the morning, eat more, eat, eat well.

2, do a good job in ventilation and cleaning

Three volts, continuing high temperature, making the environment of pig houses more bad, is very important for the ventilation of summer pig houses, maintaining good Ventilation environments can effectively reduce the occurrence and spread of diseases.

Pig houses should open all doors and windows as much as possible to ventilate, or supplemented with fans, and the fan is ventilated. Summer pathogen microorganisms are active, and pig houses should be more frequent in other seasons, colors, venues, equipment, equipment, including drainage, etc. should be thoroughly cleaned, anti-bacterial breeding, dissemination of disease.

3, do a good job in epidemic prevention

Summer mosquito ravage, is also a major hidden danger of pig production, but mosquito bites will not only spread the disease, but will affect the sleep and growth of pigs. Summer flooding mosquitoes is also an indispensable job. When you can remove the mosquito flies, you can spray the “Net”, and also strengthen the immunization of pigs, use the drug prevention work, and prevent it to ensure that the pigs are health.

4, do a good job in cooling and cooling measures

Yangshu cooling measures commonly used in pig farms include water curtains, spray, flush, shade, and water, Fan, air conditioning, pool, low water and material temperature, heat-cooling additives, etc., breeding friends, can be targeted according to the situation of their own pig farms, better heat cooling, resistance Heat stress, the above, no matter in that way, it can be added to heat up, drinking water or mixing, because it is a combination of nutrients and immunized anti-stress.

5, doing electric standby management

With the automation of breeding, semi-automated equipment is placed in farm, and most of these devices are operated by electricity, and the summer weather is hot, and it is also used. During the peak of the electricity, whether it is objective reason or subjective reasons, the chance of power outages will be more than usual, we must know that in the hot “three volts” days, we will feel very discomfort, so for farms For the hazards caused by power outages, it is not to be underestimated.

If you have a debugging, you must first call the local power company, report the power-on news, inform the other power repair, and the electricity company will not be recovered by the electricity, if the electric power is not recovering in the short term, at this time, pay attention to thousands Wan can not be sealed, while you have to change water, ensure the cleanliness of drinking water and supply.

The most important point is that the farm must prepare a spare power supply, such as diesel generators, water conservancy generators, solar generators, biogas generators, gas generators, etc. Make a variety of equipment to be uniform, so that the other status of power outages can be prevented, reducing unnecessary losses, ensuring that the farm has safely spent three volts.

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