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In the egg hook culture, eliminate chicken management can effectively improve the breeding benefits of the egg chicken, you can save our feed, artificial, venue, etc., but this is also technically, how can the egg hooks are eliminated? Let’s take a look at:

How to make elimination management

1, before 20 weeks old, the appearance of the body should meet the characteristics of this variety, to eliminate the disabled chicken; The bulls in the chicken group, soy, lame, thin, twisted wings, alternate tail, etc. should be eliminated.

2, 250 days of elimination of feet, yellow, beautiful chicken; in the same chicken group, the individual production performance is different, and after the opening of the production lasts, this difference is more obvious. About 250 days ago, the feathers are more complete, glossy, unusual activity, fast, chicken roses, appearance, beautiful chickens are often low-graphic chicken, even no eggs, air consumption, should be eliminated.

3,280, the chicken group after the age, should be observed at any time, and eliminated: At this time, the chicken has been produced for more than 5 months, and there is a total of the chickens, which is thin, so that such a chicken Resolutely eliminated; due to long-term continuous laying, the pigment has been degraded, and the part (especially legs,) is gradually disappeared, the more eggs, the more severe fading. At this time, if there is a chicken leg, the color is made of white, and it is also shown that it is stopped, and it should be eliminated.
4, from the appearance, those have no symptoms in the beginning of the ovarian inflammation without eggs, 250 days after the laying egg reaches the peak, the morning does not pick up Eggs, observed outcome after four o’clock, 4 chickens of eggs, 4 chickens, or 3 chickens less than 2 eggs, then, for 5 consecutive days, 5 points, 5 points to these chicken cage The chicken is touched by the egg, and the marker without the egg. After 5 days, I have more than 3 or more markers (so that the egg rate of chickens is not more than 60%, no feeding value), followed by one month. Veterinary drug agent

5, according to the feces to eliminate: go to the chicken at night or in the morning to watch the feces, the policy of the eggs is soft and moist, and the chicken does not lay eggs, due to extorting, digestion Slow, the digestive tract is atrophy, and its feces is a hard state, which is eliminated.

6, eliminated big galchers: chicken after 280 days oldGroups often appear like penguins, and you can feel the abdominality, (egg-proof peritonitis) or abdominal dimples such as water (tanneur cyst), these chickens should be eliminated.

7, chickens that eliminate the eggs and soft eggs: Due to improper management, some chickens caused by infection or other reasons due to ovaries, and will not Egg, it is eliminated as soon as so early.

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