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The amino acid of protein in most feed is incomplete. It is not lacking this kind, it is, so the type of feed is not high, and the utilization rate of protein is not high. If two or more dietary treatment is mixed, concentrated The amino acid contained in diet can be added to each other.
Must be completely amino acids in the diet tend to increase the utilization rate and nutritional value of diet protein. This role is called the complementary effect of protein.

Complementary action of mixed feed amino acid

fish + meat fish tryptophan, small isonine, more than
fish + meat by-products Multi-isonine, less isuclease, small latter,
(except liver, heart kidney)
fish + birds, rabbit by-products fish lysine, less, fish leucine Less, the latter is more

meat + meat by-products meat, methionine, more histidine, the latter less
(except liver, except in the heart)

Meat or visceral + cereals, lysine, less lysine

corn + milk corn sauceroacid, latter less

Corn + fish corn There are fewer amine, the latter is more

wheat + yeast wheat lysine. The latter is more

corn + wheat + soybean corn sauceroine, the last two: corn wheat lysine, more soybean: soy eggine, wheat, corn

fish Less type + liver fish, benzophenate, the latter

Dried fish + milk and eggs in front of the sun damage to methionine and lysine, the latter can make up
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