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The fox is a seasonal single estrus animal. It has reproduced once a year. The influence of the genitals of the fox has a significant seasonal change. The testicles of the public cava are still in the 5 April, and the testicular testicles are small in the summer. No sperm is produced, from the end of September to early September, the testicles are gradually developed, and the testis increased significantly in November, and the mature sperm can be seen in January, at this time, it can be mating, and the entire variety is 60 and 70 days.

Similarly, the reproductive organ of Mother Fox is also in still in the summer, ovaries, uterus, vagina in the summer, in the late 8 months to the end of October, gradually increase, ovaries Start development, erystology ovulation in the next year, the uterus, the vagina also matures, the volume, and the weight is significantly increased.

On the feeding period, it is called a variety period in mid-September to mid-January. This period is managed, the reproductive period is early, the estrus is concentrated, and the estrus is obvious; the testicular development is good, the amount of ejaculation is large, and the semen is strong.

Otherwise, Mother Fox is unsatisfactory late in the breeding period, the estrus is not concentrated; the phlegm testicular development is weak, the temperature is weak, the sperm deformity is high, and the vitality is poor. Therefore, breeding preparation period feeding management is a critical period of whether the fox can be breed normally, and the core of this period is to promote the development and adjustment of fox mailing organ development.

1. Raise.

Fully meet the needs of proteins, fat, and vitamins. According to reports, proteins can promote seed leges and enrichment. When the protein is insufficient, the metabolism is negatively balanced, the weight is reduced, the growth rate and the amount of urchurization are reduced, affecting the reproduction of fox.

The number of boss sperm is small, the quality is lowered; the mother fox is not estrus or estrus, it is not easy to conceive, and the fetus is malfilling. The fox is a meat, its digestive enzyme is suitable for digestive animal proteins, poorly digestive ability of vegetable protein, and therefore, the Japanese grain formula is mainly animal feed, and cookies are used as small or not.

Normal endocrine activity in the fox body requires fat as raw materials, such as the synthesis of vitamin D in fur, and the ovarian synthesis of the male fox is solidified.Alcohol doing raw materials.

Fat is a good solvent for vitamins A, D, E, K, which transport in vivo is carried out in vivo. It is difficult to absorb the fox by lack of fat and fat-soluble vitamins. The ability of foxes into vitamins is poor, almost all need to be provided.

Vitamin A is an important role in the growth, development, and reproduction of fox. The lack of vitamin A in the feed is digestive system disorder. The genital can be reduced, and the testis of the public leaves is shrinking. Not normal, follicles are immature, or ovulation disorders, resulting in delaying and empty.

The vitamin E is also called anti-infertility vitamins or tocopherol, which is the vitamin necessary for fox breeding and has an antioxidant effect. If the vitamin E in the fox body will make the male fox sex organized, the sperm density is small, the vitality is weak, and the malformed rate is high.

The same will make the female fox sex organism, the uterus, the ovarian is still, and it is not estrus. In addition, water-soluble vitamin is involved in metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrate, which constitutes some enzyme coenzyme, if the lack of mother fox can’t estrus, the mother-in-life will lose reproductive ability, and it is not possible to treat recovery.

According to the fox preparation of the feeding standard, the following feed formulation (weight ratio) can be used in combination with local animal feed resources: 35% of the animal or livestock by products, 10% of the fish or fish powder, cereals 24% of the sleeves, 1% vegetable oil, 10% vegetables, 20% water, and each daily replenish the vitamin AD800 (IU). After the above raw materials were crushed, the porridge was made, and 1% vitamin premix was added before feeding.

2. management.

Guaranteed: Fox usually raises under natural light, can not put fox into a dark room, and poor illumination will affect the normal development of the fox reproductive organs and plush growth.

Fonded from drinking water: The drinking water of the fox is often overlooked by the breeders. The water shortage will make the fox, loss of appetite, decrease in digestive function, anti-pathogenicity, will cause metabolic disorders ,even death. When the temperature is high, the lack of water is more severe than the low temperature. So every day to ensure that there is enoughEnough, clean drinking water, can drink warm water every day when the weather is cold.

Strict selection: Strictly elimination of reproduction of reproductive recovery, including estrus, estrus, small yield, postpartum, parent, nervous fox. It is necessary to eliminate individual malnutrition or diseased seedlings. Strengthening exercise: Taking a variety of ways to promote fox motion, enhance the body quality. The exercise can make the fox in normal, and the sexual desire is strong.

Doing a good idea and adjustment of physical condition: the physical condition and reproduction of foxes have very close relationships, pretty fertilizer, too thin, will reduce reproductive. Especially in November, December should pay attention to observe the physical condition of the fox, and control the medium or middle-level levels, avoid the development of the two poles, and to find the cause of the pretext, too thin phenomenon, and take measures in time.

Identifying a fox body is generally the feeding personnel with experience visual, or by touch. First, touch identification. The feeding personnel use her hand to touch the ridge back, the rib and the back abdomen. After fat, the foxtile, the rib is not obvious, and the back belly is thick.

Too thin spine and ribs protrudes, post-vessels. Medium physical condition is between the two. The second is the visual identification. With the observer, especially if the back hips are full, the movement is flexible, whether the fur is shining, and the mental state is to determine the physical condition of the fox.

When observing the fond of the fox, when the aquacultians have not rich experience, the judgment error is large. Generally, the hip is flat or the intermediate is excessive, but the hip curve is moderate, and the hip curve is slim. After the physical condition identification, you should do a good record, tagged on the cage box, take measures to the individual’s individual, and adjust it.

Weight loss method One is to strengthen the movement, plug the import and export, caught the entrance and export, caught in the sports field, and increase the movement, increase the movement every day; Food. Be careful not to rapidly meal, only give feed water; third is to adjust the day grain formulation. If it is full groupual fertilizer, it should be appropriately reduced the amount of feed ratio with high fat and carbohydrates, and increase the content of vegetable feeds.

The mensimetry method is to increase the amount of feed; the second is to prevent cold and warm; three is to adjust the day grain formulation. If the whole group is thin, the daily granulation standard should be appropriately improved, increasing the fat and protein in the diet.the amount.

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