How to manage pregnant sows, improve piglets

The sows have a lot of deaths, and there are fewer production in the production, most of them are caused by improper feeding management. Strengthening the feeding management of pregnant sows, can make the pigs in the pigs in the pigs.
(1) Feeding of pregnancy: The first two months after the sow is pregnant as pregnancy, the feed is mainly served as a green material, properly matched with the fine material, feeding the fine material per day 1.5 ~ 2 kg ( In the primary sow, the waist is poor, and it is more fertilized to prevent mother pigs. Feeding pigs must be fresh, green, should be born, and ensure adequate cleaning water. Toxic, moldy feed cannot be fed. Feeds in feed phosphate calcium hydrogen phosphate or 2.5% bone flour, 0.5% salt. Pay attention to the heatstroke and cool down, the winter anti-aggression wind, prevent colds, etc. There is not much to raise too much per lap, with 2 heads.
(2) Feeding of pregnancy: After two months of sows, it is called pregnancy. For sows in the late pregnancy, be sure to strengthen feeding management, pay attention to feed nutrient concentration, and the feeding amount of diet is increased than the early pregnancy, increase the number of feeding, so that the mother pig eats more meals, that is, the original Feed 2 times a day, increased to 3 to 4 times. At this stage, the diet of the pig should be used as a fine material, and the fine material (stone powder) is 1.5% ~ 2% per day, calcium hydrogen phosphate calcium hydrogen phosphate 2.5%, salt 0.5%. It is mainly in the management, and it is necessary to carry a single-zone, a pig, anti-crafting, anti-pendulum, anti-slip fall, exercise properly, sun enhancement.
(3) 2 to 3 days before the birth: to reduce the feeding amount, feed the blue, the proportion of bran in the fine material is increased, the constipation, the postpartum does not eat food, etc.
(4) Join the party beta, Astragalus and other precious Chinese herbal medicines: Mother Kangtai has been feeding 7 days before production, and raising the pigmenting rate of piglets. It can be added 1000g of mixture of 1000g
Mother Kangtai for a long time:
1. Remove immunosuppression, improve vaccine immune effectiveness, enhance disease resistance, sow luminous, safety, sow, three Walking period (13, 23, 60 days after breeding).
2. Improve the childbirth rate of sow and the uniformity of piglets.
3. Shorten the proceedings, improve the growth rate and grievances of piglets.
4. Reduce the three-legged triam, and after childbirth.
5. Promote the amount of breastfeeding in the mother pig, reducing the various factors of pig breastfeeding diarrhea; raising the pigs with heavy milk.
6. Shortening the mother pigWeaning estrus, improve the year of childhood birth;
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