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For farmers far-breeding rabbit, rabbits can be used as a rabbit, thereby achieving a method of rabbits, increasing income. What is the rabbits to breed? What are the main points of rabbit’s feeding management with rabbits?
For rabbits, you should make a single cage to breed, and you will be as far as possible away from the female rabbit, and the breeding of the rabbit will be given one to two times. After the rabbit continuously breed two days, let him take a day. . In addition, it is best not to breed rabbits in front half an hour before feed feed feed. It is best to do a good job in summer rabbit, and the temperature in the rabbit should not be less than thirty-five degrees Celsius.

For some empty rabbits, the breeders should restrict breeding, keep the mild rabbits, and feeding the nutritional requirements of the gestational mother rabbits in fifteen days before the breeding of the nun. For those who have not estrus, the breeders should work with artificial. The rabbits were touched by giving the female rabbit in about nine to ten days. If the rabbit did not have a signs of pregnancy, it can be breed in time. For those who are in breastfeeding, they should feed some fresh green juicy feeds after more than one to two days after childbirth, pay less pellet feed, and gradually increase the amount of particles after three days, it can be Restore normal conditions. The breeder should often check the breasts of the rabbit, cleaned the breast every seven or ten days, and if the breast is found to have a hard block or redness, it should be taken in a timely measure. The rabbits in two or three days before the rabbit should reduce the feed of succulent feed and particulate feed.

The farmer should fully grasp the cultured management method of rabbits, and can not be blindly raised, and there is only a half-time feeding method, and the economic investment is watched.
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