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How to observe and use live bacteria microorganism preparation to prevent rex rabbit disease (Harbin Zhongke Wu Di) Rex rabbit is delicate, sensitive to external conditions, with an emergency, fast death and difficult treatment. Therefore, it is especially important that the rex rabbit disease and effective prevention are particularly important, especially in recent years, the advent of the Chinese medicine micro-ecological preparations used by antibiotics, making it difficult to prevent and treat rex rabbit diseases. Because the rabbit is in the evening, it is taking a cage in the morning, it is easy to observe, it is easier to identify suspicious disease rabbits, specifically from check, look, touch, test people. One, check. Healthy rabbit ear pink, bright eyes. If the ear is red or lavender, it will illustrate the heat, when the ventilation of the ventilation is small, it can be alleviated; if the ear is white, it is cold, indicating that the drink is too much or cold, and the diagnosis is intraperitoneally There is a flow of water, put it on the warm belly. The young rabbit is bend or mildly pull, indicating that the body is high, and the rabbit is free to move, promotes cooling. Two-ear close sticker is a thirsty manifestation, and drinking water will gradually stretch. Eyeball stains, indicating that the rabbit house is filtered, and there is too much ammonia, and it should be ventilated in time. Rabbit flows nose is a aqueous cold, and its nasal fluid is transformed from a slurry to a pleasant, which is a designer. Second, look. Mainly to see the feces, normal rabbit manure is a granular shape, delicate, highlights, similar oil skin, if the feces are sparsely or pile, indicating that the rabbit has a gastrointestinal disease. The hard and small feces are constipation, and the juicy green grass should be added; the feces are piled, thin water samples, blood, mixed with mucus. Bubble, accompanied by odor, is dysentery, enteritis or coccidia, should be isolated in time, symptomatic treatment. In addition, observe the state of rabbit, healthy rabbits are living and living, especially in the night, especially if they eat more, chewing meat is clear; , Loss of appetite, do not think about diet. Third, touch. Healthy rabbits touch, it is not easy to touch, and the body is strong, the back is full of muscles, and the limbs are strong. Disease rabbits often do not dodge, even mobile weakness, physical fitness, low waist angle, naked, spinal bones such as pavilion. If you touch the mother rabbit with your hand, its ventricular expression is honest and accompanied by back ridges. The rabbit is lifted, and the rabbit is prematurely, and the breeding should be taken now. Fourth, measure. On the basis of checking, looking, touch, then test the body temperature, healthy rabbit normal body temperature is 38.5 ~ 39.5 ° C, the general young rabbit is highYears rabbits, old rabbits were lower than young and middle-aged rabbits, while the summer was slightly higher than in the morning, and the body temperature of the disease rabbit was not increased. Prevention is mainly from the following aspects: 1. Do a good job in hygiene and disinfection. 2, do a good job of epidemic prevention. 3, do a good job in daily management. 4, use live bacterial microorganism preparation to conduct health care. It can be used in 0.2% by “Big Trekkon”; it can also be used for drinking water using “Herringing” or “live bacteria”. The amount is used as described. Antibacterial Chinese medicine fermentation micro-ecological preparation is also known as the fourth-generation benefit, the series of products from Harbin Zhongke Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. In 2002, the first research and development in 2002, the live bacteria drug microecological preparation was fermented by the activated lactic acid bacteria, and used The special packaging process conducts moisturizing packaging, both maintained the activity of lactic acid bacteria, and increases the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine from 4-28 times. The main products are “pig source Kang”, “crown”, “intestinal speed”, “Benlikang”. Harbin Zhongke Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. QQ Consultation: 759509052

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