How to pick a healthy cat?

src=http___www.ci3expo.com_uploads_allimg_190718_1215263c3_0.jpg&refer=http___www.ci3expo.jpg Picking a healthy cat is a compulsory course for every novice owner, only the original foundation is good, and will then thrive. How to determine if a cat is healthy, we can see from the following aspects:


The eyes are bright, no cry, no secretions, the left and right sizes. Ear:

Ear cleaning, erected (except Scottish Tear), less euro, no other foreign matter. Healthy cats should be sensitive to the owner’s call or other sound in quiet state, and then swing back and forth after the two ear. Cats or deafness of cats are weak or no response to sound.

Nose: The front end should be wet and cool, and there is no excessive secretion. When the nose is dry, it means that the cat may have a thermal disease (such as infectious disease). However, the nose is dry when the cat is sleeping.

Oral: The surrounding of the mouth should be cleaned, no saliva and food, no ointment, gum, tongue, pink, teeth white or slightly yellow, no defect .

Skin and Mao: The skin is soft and elastic, the skin temperature does not cool, the gentle hand. Mechanical, soft, gloss, non-spots, no red skin, no lump. Doubling,, etc.

Anus: Anal and external genitals should be cleaned, non-industries, and should not be stained with fecal dirt on the vicinity. If filthy, it indicates that there may be a disease or reproductive system.

In addition, the functional inspection of the internal organs should be made.

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