How to prevent and stop the dog to provoke other dogs?

Eye communication, you should interfere when your dog communicates with your opponent. The tail is erected and anger each other will indicate that a battle will be out of development. timg.jpg
The fierce challenge is difficult to deal with the dog’s dogs caused by the violations of the crime. In most cases, the battle is often accompanied by an aggressive body posture and screaming. A battle will inevitably unless a dog is retired. During the battle, dogs may bite to people who interfere – including dog owners.

There are many dogs to protect its owners through attack behavior between you and other dogs. Dog stands between you and other dogs, dragging the traction rope, which will strengthen its attack emotions. Dogs will finally link the traction rope tightness and attacks, however, if the disconnecting rope may not have an attack behavior.

Tightening, despite however, when your dog has an attack behavior, you may be able to reduce its traction rope, but this will exacerbate this behavior. Forcibly pull it back will increase the desire to attack. You should turn its head, so it can’t communicate with other dogs.

Dispersed full attention, when you encounter may have an attack behavior, you should use a dog’s favorite toy to attract it, then order it “sit down”. When your dog is performing well, you should reward it.

Real life scene, when your dog has trained to you after training in quiet, you should make other dogs, but to keep a certain distance. If your dog doesn’t attack, you should reward. Daily shorten the distance between two dogs and reward it.

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