How to prevent and treat piglet rings virus disease?

What is the prevention and treatment of piglet circular virus?
Piglet circular virus is caused by a loop virus type 2 (PCV2) to cause wean piglets

viral infectious diseases in multi-system, multi-organ failure. PCV2 is often common to Blue Purnel

Avirus, fine virus, pneumonia mycoplasma, alamic bacteria, Salmonella, chain

Sococcus, etc.
Pigged Symptoms Skin Mucosa Paleo, Pant Dye, Diarrhea Vomiting, Cough Pantsthamn

, eyelid edema, head edema, arthritis, dermatitis.
Ring virus disease prevention and treatment:
(1) Prevention: 1. Improve feeding management, reduce stress, and reasonably formulate diet.

Pay attention to ventilation and warmth, keep the pig house dry, improve the air quality of the pig house,

Reduce the ammonia concentration.
2. Inactivating vaccine prevention with a pig ring virus.
(2) Treatment: Treatment with antibacterial and antiviral drugs with antibacterial and antiviral drugs.

. Ranyuan double efficiency can effectively reduce pig farm blue ear disease, circular virus, the incidence of cyclovirus, significantly reduce blue ear disease, and the ring virus is harmful to the pig farm.
Ranyuan Double Equivalent: Codonopsis, Astragalus Polysaccharide, Greenland Acid, Golden Toin, etc

Ranyuan Dual Efficiency How to Use:
Treatment: a bag Mix 500 pounds.
Prevention: 1000 kg of mixed materials.
Press: Pig (60 pounds or less) 3 g / day / head, 5 g / day in China /

Head, sow / boar 8-10 g / day / head .
Note: Can drink water.
The injection vaccine did not affect the vaccine during the medication.
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