How to prevent and treat pork virus epidemic cold?

Pig viral epidemic colds are acute, highly reactive infectious diseases caused by pig flow-length cold viruses, characterized by rapid, fever and respiratory symptoms with different degree of mixture. There is often a mixture of pork vegeter or Paparium pylori or secondary infection, which will increase the condition.
Pig flow-length colds occur in the cold season, suddenly onset. In fact, all pigs in the pigs have happen to hazard clinical symptoms. Pig epidemic virus strains may have a particular strain at any time, which has the spread between people and the abnormal performance of people with poisonous people, and causes the population of human epidemic colds.
(1) Clinical symptoms. The latency of the disease is 2 ~ 7 days, the body temperature suddenly rises suddenly, reaching 40 ~ 42 ° C, pigs show that the mental state is poor, anorexia or loss of appetite, joyful grass, full body, hot, two eyes Red, afraid of tears, breathing, cough, snot, some even snot blood, dry stool, such as injection of nursing often causes pneumonia or other diseases. The course of the disease is short, generally 6 to 7 days.
(2) pathological changes. Pathological changes in pig flow trap are mainly in respirator. Mucosa, swelling, swelling, swelling, swelling, swelling, surface covered liquid, chest accumulation, a large amount of cellulose, and cellulose adhesion at the pulmonary enhancement and ribs. The lesions of the lungs often occur in the back and base of the blade, the heart, the intermediate leaf, and the surrounding tissue has a significant boundary, and the intervolate of the pulmonary disease is incomplete and the intervolate of the lung is wide. Cartromic mucosa occurred. The gastric mucosa is severe, the spleen is swollen, the neck lymph nodes, longitudinal lymph nodes, bronchial lymphadenopathy.
(3) Diagnosis. According to epidemiology, clinical symptoms and pathological changes, the preliminary diagnosis of this disease is infected with various age, gender and varieties of pigs can be infected, and the climate change is epitomized, and the whole group infection in a few days, the disease is short, and the disease High rate and low mortality, clinical visible bronchial pneumonia symptoms and lesions.
Ultraudiobulin syndrome, including conjunctivitis, sneeze and cough and low mortality, can distinguish between pig fluidity colds and other upper respiratory diseases of pigs, and should pay attention to pigs when they identify diagnosis And the difference between this disease, the former seizures is more concealed, and the course of course is slow.
(4) Prevention. No effective vaccine, no specialty therapy. An epidemic cold in the farm, you can use Tiandao GroupThe product can be able to stop + orchid dual-efficiency treatment can be stopped: bacterial viral respiratory tract and acute chronic respiratory tract infection caused by heat, cough, breath, and nasal congestion.
can be stopped: ginseng (leaf), 葶 子, 母, 紫苏, tangeri and other components

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