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The urethral stone stones are also known as urine stone disease, which refers to the size of salt crystallization in the diaper. Different, quantities of coagulants, stimulating the bleeding inflammation and urinary tract obstructive disease caused by urinary mucosa. Sheep is caused by imperbulite disease due to calcium and phosphorus, in addition, the metabolism, hyperthyroidism, malnutrition, ingredients and extension of urine, and urinary system infection. Clinically, you can see the poor sick sheep, the arched back, wants to have a symptom, and the urine cannot be discharged. [Cause] The cause of urinary stones is not very clear, but generally consistently accompanied the results of systemic mineral metabolism disorder with urinary pathological conditions, and related to the following factors.
1. High calcium, low phosphorus and ferrous, phosphorous feed: for a long time, high calcium low phosphorus feed and drinking water can promote urinary stones. Liaoning cakes for long-term feeding of beans, which are very susceptible to phosphate diaper stones.
2. Drinking water lack: the formation of urinary stones is related to the dehydration of the body. Therefore, it is an important factor in the formation of urinary stones. If the weather is hot, the water is insufficient, the body has different degrees of dehydration, which has increased the salt concentration in urine, and urges the formation of urinary stones.
3. Vitamin A lack: vitamin A lack of urinary epithelial tissue angle, promotes urinary stone formation.
4. Infection factors. When the kidney and urinary tract infection, an inflammatory product, a falling epithelial cell and bacteria accumulate, which can become a core substance formed by urinary stones.
5. Other factors. The hyperparathyroidism, long-term cyclical urine retention, a large number of sulfonamides can promote the formation of urinary stones. [Prevention]
1. Treatment
The treatment principle of this disease is to eliminate stones, control infection, symptomatic treatment. Commonly used methods and drugs.
1. Treatment of Chinese Medicine: TCM said the urinary tract stone is “sandstone”. According to the clever and moisture, pass the stone, the case of kidney, the principle of kidney, and the principle of the row of stone soup (Shiji soup) and minus: sea Golden Sand, Chicken, Stone, Seapot, Tie, Brass, Flat storage, car front, alice, gantry, etc.
2. Water rinsing: catheter disinfection, rub the lubricant, slowly insert urethral or bladder, inject disinfection liquid, rinse. Suitable for powdered or sand-shaped urinary stones.
3. Urethral muscle relaxant: When the urine stones can use 2.5% of the chlorpromazine solution muscle injection, sheep 2 to 4 ml.
4. Surgical treatment: Urinary stones blocked in the bladder or urethral case, can be treated, and the urine stone is removed.
According to reports, the sulfate or magnesium sulfate in the oxalic acid is reported. For the soda, a sodium phosphate chromolus was used to apply dilute hydrochloric acid to achieve a good therapeutic effect.
2, prevention
1. Regional urinary stones. The animal’s feed, drinking water and urine ingredients should be checked, and the cause of urinary stone is found, and the feed is rationally prepared, so that the calcium ratio in the feed is maintained at 1.2: 1 or 1.5: 1. And pay attention to feeding vitamin A rich feed.
2. Magnetized drinking water. Livestock drinking water After magnetization, the pH is rises, and the dissolution capacity is increased, which not only prevents the formation of urinary stones, but also makes urinary stone loose broken. After the water magnetization is placed in the sink, after 1 h, the sickstock is free to drink water.
3. Treatment of urinary diseases in children should be treated in time to avoid urinary retention.
4. It is usually appropriate to feed juicy feed or increase drinking water to dilute the urine to reduce the irritation of urinary organs, and maintain the balance of colloides and crystals in urine.
5. Add 4% sodium chloride in the diet of fat and lambs, there is a certain preventive effect on urinary stones on the pathogenesis. Similarly, ammonium chloride is supplemented in the feed, which has a result of preventing phosphate stones. The effect of people satisfied. Understand the causes and preventive measures of the peat rock stones, the farmers can pay more attention to the flocks from the above aspects, strengthen feeding management, thereby preventing the occurrence of flocking diseases, ensuring economic benefits of farming.

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