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With the rise of the cattle industry, the nursery households will generally do certain understandings about the common diseases of the cattle, of which bovine prevention is one of the diseases.

bovine popular heat (also known as three days of heat) is an acute thermal infectious disease caused by bovine fluid virus. It is characterized by a sudden high heat, respiratory, tears and digestive organs of severe cardians and exercise disorders. Most of the disease infected the disease will return to normal on the 2nd to 3rd days, so it is also known as the three-day heat or temporary heat. The disease can cause the cattle and large group of cattle, which significantly reduces the amount of breast milk.


The disease is mainly infected with cattle, yellow cattle, breast cows, and buffalo can be infected. Take 3 years and 5 years old, the bull, the cow, and the yellow cattle is the largest. Buffalo and yak have less ones. It is generally believed that the disease is more than respiratory infection. In addition, it is also possible that the bite of the vampire insects, and the mechanical communication of people and utensils in contact with the sickstock. The disease epidemic has obvious seasonality, which occurs in June to September. The popularity is rapid, and a large number of cattle can only be onset in the short term. It is popular or high current. There is still a certain periodic in the popularity. About 3 years to 5 years ago. Disease cattle is benign, without secondary infection, the mortality is 1% to 3%.

Main symptoms

The incubation period is 3 days to 7 days. At the beginning of the disease, the sickstock tremor, the cold waves, then the body temperature rose to 40 ° C, and the body temperature returned to normal after 2 days to 3 days. While the body temperature is elevated, it can be seen, there is a water-like eye, the eyelid, conjunctiva congestion, edema. Respiratory, the number of breathing can reach more than 80 times per minute, difficult difficulties in breathing, the suffocation of lives, is a bitter. This is due to the occurrence of amphibious emphysema, sometimes death from suffocation.

The appetite is relieved, and the rution stop. The first stomach is stopped, bulge or lack of moisture, and the stomach content is dry. Dry feces, sometimes dysenter. The pain in the limbs is painful, the disease is dull, and it is difficult to stand in the future.

The skin temperature is not entire, especially the corner root, ear wing, and the limb have a cold feel. In addition, the mandrel can be seen under the skin. Fluent nasal liquid, inflammation, significant flow. The mouth is a foam. Decreased urine, urinary turbidity. A misstature can occur when pregnant cow is ill, dead. Decline or lactation is stopped.

Preventive measures

Turn off the viral propagation pathway, which is characterized by mosquito flies to the prevalence of mosquito flies, can spray the anniversary and surrounding ditch twice a week to kill mosquito flies. In addition, for the virus to be acid-sensitive, it is characterized by insensitive to alkali, and peroxoacetic acid can be disinfected with oxycetic acid to reduce infection.


Strengthening the health management of cattle has an important role in preventing the disease. When the management is poor, the incidence is high, and it is easy to become severe and increase mortality. The disease should be immediately isolated and treated, and the new sub-cow hoof gold can be used for emergency prevention with the new sub-cow. When hot, the muscle injection compound amino-bobin is 20 ml to 40 ml, or 30% is nearly 20 ml to 30 ml. The severe disease cattle gives a large dose of antibiotics, common penicillin, streptomycin, and use glucose biomarum, Linger, Mi sodium lane, vitamin B1 and vitamin C, etc. 2 times a day. Pain in the limbs, sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium sodium caricide. For the dryness of dehydration and thus caused by high heat, intravenous injection of forest or physiological saline 2 liters, and incorporate 3% ~ 5% salt solution in the stomach 10 liters ~ 20 Rise. Strengthen disinfection, do a good job in extracting insects such as mosquito flies, and apply bovine vaccine to immunize.

In addition, traditional Chinese medicine, syndrome differentiation, diaphragm, syndrome differentiation, anti-lungs, asthma, cough, phlegm, heat prevention and long-term heat. Such as nine flavor ginger, 40 grams of ginger, 46 grams of wind, 46 grams of Atractylodes, 24 grams of Cutton, 31 grams of Chuanxiong, 31 grams of white peony, 31 grams of branus, 31 grams of licorice, ginger 31 grams, green onion One. Shui fried twice, sink. Addition and subtraction: cold and cold, add firewood; four limpsy plus ground, year, papaya, apneown; 加 加 青, Apple, Mason; cough plus almond, full 蒌; bowel dry plus yellow, mahriti. It can shorten the course of treatment and promote rehabilitation.

There are many common diseases of cattle, and the nursery must be prevention, strengthen the feeding management of the cattle, is the economic benefit of the cattle group to promote the economic benefits of breeding.


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