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High temperature season, chickens often in thermal stress, but chickens can maintain metabolic balance and normal production performance through their own regulation mechanisms. When the chicken house temperature exceeds 30 ° C, the chicken group is in a strong thermal stress. When the chicken is in a stressed state, there will be clinical symptoms, decline in production performance, decrease in immune function, decrease in weight, and series of heat strokes, etc., bring losing to production. How to overcome the trouble brought by high temperatures, reduce the unfavorable factors to the lowest, and is an important issue that the chicken producer needs to solve.

1 The effect of thermal shouldage “

1.1 Egg chicken is reduced, and the egg period is reduced

When the chicken is in thermal stress, Excited is partially inhibited, showing decline in feed, while increasing drinking water to reduce heat load. The decline in the amount of food will result in the shortage of nutrient intake, and the egg rate is lowered, the egg weight is reduced, the egg quality is deteriorated, and the weight continues to decline. At the same time as the amount of chicken is declining, the amount of drinking water can be increased accordingly, resulting in a decrease in the concentration of the intestine, plus intestinal peristalsis, the feed is shortened in the intestinal residence, and the digestive utilization rate of feed digestion is lowered.

1.2 causes respiratory base poisoning

Because the chicken has no sweat glands, the body covers feathers, when the temperature rises from 30 to 35 ° C, the eggs are mainly relying on the opening, increase the breathing frequency Come to distribute the body heat. Excessive ventilation reduces CO2, HCO, Ca ++, K, Na in the blood, causing the body acid-base balance disorder, causing respiratory alkali poisoning, causing soft shell eggs, and breaking eggs.

1.3 Causes the reduction in immune function

The impact of thermal shouldage transistors is mainly due to the result of increased glucocorticoid secretion during stress. Since the glucocorticoid suppresses the body’s immune organ and lymphatic tissue protein synthesis, reduce the IgG levels in the blood and antibody titers of the foreign antigen, ultimately result in a decrease in the immune function.

1.4 Causes the endocrine disorders of the body, resulting in a decrease in production performance of the egg chicken

The high-defense gland has a thyroid, adrenal gland, and gland. Thyroxine can promote the absorption, utilization of sugar, the mobilization of glycoprosis, the mobilization, decomposition of fat, and promote the combination of proteins, and has enhanced tissue metabolism, increases oxygen consumption and heat production. Heat should have a steam of chickenThe adrenal shrinkage, weight reduction, the function is weakened, and the metabolic rate and heat generation can be reduced to reduce the metabolic rate and heat.

1.5 Certain biochemical enzyme activity of the egg chicken

The thermal stress can result in changes in the production of certain biochemical indicators of the egg chicken body, especially the change of the enzyme level. In the thermal stress state, the activity of the serum cereal aminase (GPT), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) of the chicken is significantly reduced, resulting in a decrease in the decomposition metabolism of chicken, which in turn affects the normal production performance.

1.6 causes secondary coli, mycoplasma or the like, and the bullion of the nasal mucosa is lost due to the bullion of the nasal mucosa. The trachea enters the lungs, airbags, chest and abdomen cavity, causing severe pericarditis, airbagitis, hepatic disease, peritonitis, tubal and other inflammation, resulting in increased mortality, production performance decreased.

2 Prevention and Control Measures

2. Reduce the density of the chicken

Disease, dismissal, weak chicken, low-yukan chicken in advance, high yield period Or the huge weight of the chicken in the peak of the peak is strict and the chickens that have not yet started during the peak period should be eliminated in time. This does not only reduce production costs, improve economic benefits, but also help reduce the feeding density of the chicken group, reduce the heat of chicken, and improve the feeding environment.

2. Improve hardware facilities

Install ventilation, wet curtain, water spray cooling, dust removal facilities, to increase the design, reasonable layout of specialized equipment, establish high standard chicken houses, Chickens provide comfortable survival, production environment, and seemingly infrastructure costs, but good production will bring you a rich return.

2.3 Adjustment of feeding time and number of times

The impact of high temperature on chicken nutritional metabolism is mainly to reduce the feeding capacity of chickens, thus causing insufficient intake of nutrients, causing the lack of chicken nutrition. Therefore, improving the amount of nutritional regulation when the chicken is high, and the more feasible method is to adjust the feed time and increase the number of feeding. The feeding time should be advanced and delayed, that is, the time to arrange in the early morning and evening. In the afternoon of the afternoon, there is 2 ~ 5h in the afternoon, so that the egg huntees can increase the feeding capacity at night.

2.4 drinkWater management

The increase in chicken water under high temperature can be supplemented by water loss due to the discharge of the respiratory tract and urine. The increase in drinking water can also promote the increase in nutrient intake. Under high temperature, continuous supply of fresh, cool and clean water will reduce the degree of heat stress, improve water consumption, and prevent dehydration caused by evaporation.

2.5 Adjustment Light

Stable scientific light is an important factor in ensuring high yield of the egg chicken. In order to solve the falling volume of the hot season, the feeding volume decreased, and it can be given 1 to 2h light when it does not change the light intensity and the length of the time, and the light is given 1 to 2h light, while adding once, it can effectively increase the food Quantity, improve egg quality, reduce death caused by thermal stress.

3.1 Improve the energy level of the diet

The decrease in chicken feeding capacity when high temperature is insufficient, and the energy of the feed is improved. The content can improve the productive shape of the chicken. At present, a method of improving energy in the feed is to use fat instead of carbohydrate, because the fat production is low, can change the margin of the feed, extend the residence time of the feed in the digestive tract, thereby improving the feeding capacity of the chicken and Digestion and absorption.

3.2 Adjustment of protein and amino acid

Traditionally, conventional ways often increase the content of crude protein in the feed to maintain the lack of product of egg chicken protein, but protein metabolism produces heat It is much higher than carbohydrates and fat, increasing metabolic heat accumulation in the body. Therefore, the addition of proteins not only increase the cost of feeding, but also exacerbated thermal stress to some extent. At present, many nutritionists advocate use amino acids to replace proteins. Amino acids do not have to be directly absorbed into the body by decomposition of intestinal proteases, and can reduce the burden on the heat loss, and can quickly supplement the body. In addition, the study found that methionine, lysine can relieve heat stress.

3.3 Adjusting calcium phosphorus balance

Calcium and phosphorus is the most important mineral element constituting bones, while calcium is also a constituent component of the eggshell. Due to the high temperature reduction of poultry absorption of calcium phosphorus, increase the discharge of calcium in vivo, resulting in low blood calcium and hypophosphorus of egg chicken. Therefore, the content of calcium phosphorus (effective phosphorus) in the day grain must be adjusted and the calcium ratio of calcium is maintained to maintain its balance.

3.4 rationally supplement vitamins and trace elements

In high temperatures, the need to increase vitamins on the need for vitamins, especially [new animal husbandry etg, it] vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B2 and biotin are very Good effect

3. Add anti-stratifact

Add [Xinmu Dahuang], etc., can effectively alleviate and prevent heat stress. Xinmater is cool is a poultry specializing in the design of chicken duck.

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