How to prevent dogs in the summer

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The puppy is born, especially the long-lived dog is more difficult. They often scratch the itch and bite their own fur. If it is not a skin disease such as eczema, most of them have a scorpion. The scorpion is born with blood shunt, parasitic in vitro. It is also the main source and medium of the puppies and adult dogs, which affects the health of the dog. Domestic dogs must often pay attention to it.

If the puppy is born with a scorpion, you can use a dog water. When you wet the puppies, after rinse the conditioner and water, apply it on the whole body dog, but the dog Water should be diluted with a ratio of 12 liters of water in a tablespoon. Do not rinse with water after coating, and the drug is as heterogeneous, and the control effect is achieved.

Some puppies, should not be wet, like Beijing dog. Such long-haiish puppies can use spray or powder.

First, the hair can be reversely combed from the tail, and then spray the spray directly on the whole body, the distance is approximately 15 to 20 cm to avoid spraying into the eyes and mouth. Usually, it is enough to spray 8 seconds. If it is less than 3 kg, you can just jet the spine. If you use powders, you should first put the fur to back, and evenly sprinkle on the fur, and it is over half an hour. During this time, you should look at the puppy and don’t let it lick the powder.

In addition, some people have tried the yeast. Every 10 pounds of dogs, can be processed in the food in the food every day, and it can also play a role.

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