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People infected with pig bacteria are caused by human livestock infected with porcine. The slaughter and processing of pigs are high-risk populations.
The disease is mainly infected with the wound of the skin.
01, clinical manifestations

General bacterial infection symptoms such as fever, chill, headache, loss of appetite, severe patients can be combined with poisonous shock syndrome and streven bacteria metritis syndrome.
02, the main clinical manifestations of human infection with pig bacteria

The latency of the disease is short, the average common latency is 2 ~ 3 days, the minimum hour, up to 7 days.

After the patient is infected, the disease is urgent, and the clinical manifestation is chills, fever, headache, dizziness, general uncomfortable, fatigue, abdominal pain, diarrhea.

Peripheral blood-white cell count increased, the proportion of neutral granulocytes increased, and the white blood cells in the initial stage of severe patients can be reduced or normal.

The rapid progress of the severe cases is a poisoned shock syndrome, a skin bleeding point, a sputum, a blood pressure drop, and a small pulse pressure. It can exhibit coagulation dysfunction, renal dysfunction, incomplete liver function, acute respiratory distress syndrome, soft tissue necrosis, fascia, etc.
Part of the case is meantitis, nausea, and vomiting (may be spray vomiting), and the heavy people can appear. Meshum stimulates the positive and cerebrospinal fluid changes. There is no bleeding point, split, split, no shock performance.
There are also a few cases of suppurative meningitis performance on the basis of poisoning shock syndrome.

Once the disease is infected, it should be immediately visited to a regular medical institution.
03. Control measures after human infection

are mainly taken to control infectious sources (sick, dead pigs, etc.), cut off their livestock and diseases (dead) pigs. The main comprehensive prevention measures.

1, in the regional strengthening epidemic surveillance in the livestock pork strain, medical personnel of various types of medical institutions at all levels have discovered that the problem of suspected cases and clinical case diagnosis is reported to local disease prevention and control agencies.

The disease control mechanism conducts an epidemiological survey immediately after receiving the report while reporting on the public health event reporting procedure.
2, sick (dead) livestockUnder the guidance of the local authorities, the harmless treatment such as disinfection, burning, deep embedding is immediate.

A case where the case family and its animal, poultry, and the pathogenesis of the disease, the family of dead pigs and their animal and their animal circles, poultry houses were disinfected.
3, in a variety of forms of health propaganda education, the harmfulness of the people’s propaganda disease (dead) livestock, tell the masses do not slaughter, processing, sell, and eat disease (death) livestock. Once the disease (dead) livestock is found, it is necessary to report to the local livestock sector in time.
4, animal husbandry and veterinary sectors organized power, and found out the scope of animal epidemic, and implemented various prevention and control measures.

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Porcine Sochaosis is a human and animal disease caused by a variety of pathogenic porcine. Among them, pigs are primary infection sources. This disease is not common in humans, but it is generally susceptible.

From the time of infection to the onset of 4 hours to 7 days, within 1 to 2 days after slaughtering or treatment of disease / dead pig, 2 to 3 days after the disease / dead pork, up to 7 days Sick. 2.JPG

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The disease is more urgent, chills, fever with whole body discomfort, anorexia, headache, body pain, muscle soreness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, body temperature is more than 38 ° C, high can be reached 40 ° C, dizziness, fatigue.

Some patients have symptoms in meningitis or meningums after the disease, and there is a significant headache after fever, with vomiting and consciousness, mening film stimuli, and 30% patients Hearing obstacles, or listening degradation, a few patients can live. Some patients have surrounding facial paralysis and double view.
There are other patients with shock after the incidence, showing a sudden cold or cold, high heat, difficulty in breathing, palpitation,Some patients have nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, limbs, bright, bright, lips, dizziness or consciousness, and less urine, fast, quickly transferred to multiple organ failure.

Expert reminder

People infected with pig bacteria is a serious disease, and severe cases have progressed very fast. If diagnosis, treatment is not timely, the prognosis is poor, and the mortality rate is extremely high.

So, once you suspect this disease, hospitals with bacterial culture conditions should be diagnosed and treated, and actively do blood culture and related secretion culture, separation and fibroids to obtain accurate diagnosis.

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