How to prevent pigbutinosis poisoning?

Porcine isnamine toxin poisoning is caused by poisonous peanuts, corn, wheat, beans, oil, etc. contaminated by Pigs or parasitic craniper. Pig is abunderstood to be abandoned from 1 to 2 weeks after feeding.
Acute diseased pigs occurred in 2 to 4 months old, strong appetite, and physique and strong young pigs, often without obvious clinical symptoms and suddenly fall in the ground.
As subaraci-sick pig, the body temperature is much higher to 40 ~ 41.5 ° C, the spirit is depressed, loss of appetite or abolition, the mucosa is pale, the back is weak, the road is unstable, the feces is dry, the rectal is bleeding. Some pigs have a groove or head to the wall. British pigs are often slow through, and they are rigid, loss of appetite, have abovers, rubble, rubble, and uachenia pollution. Sick pig arch back, 腹, dryness, excitement, some sick pork eyes, the skin around the nose is red, and later is blue.
Prevention and treatment measures
(1) Strengthen feed management, prevent molding mold, and strictly prohibit feeding of mildeware. Mild mold (unfained metamorphism), should be pulverized first, then add water (1: 3) soaking and repeatedly changed the water until the leaching water is colorless, and then fed with other feeds.
(2) There is currently no special detoxification drug treatment, which can only take the salinity laxative, such as magnesium sulfate, sodium sulfate, venous blood, and sugar detoxifying liver, etc.
In winter, be sure to prevent feed mold, you can add a decentralization in the feed. Delemetric function:
1. Undergrain of this product: Using pharmaceutical-grade nammondite, bipolar silicate crystals, adopts advanced process to ensure this product has superior adsorption feed or intestine The role of Downoprosis and its toxins, inhibits mold growth, ensuring that it is indifferent to valley nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, trace elements.
2. Immunization of this product: Repair the intestinal immunohistological and immune system that is inhibited and destroyed by mold toxin, activating the body immunity and cellular immunity, thereby relieving immunoplasia or immunosuppression.
3. The cracking function of this product: enhance the cracking function of the liver, destroying the toxins produced by various molds that have entered the blood, and the toxins accumulated in the body, making it transformed into non-toxic substances, and through urine Exterior of feces.
4. Implementation of the effect of this product: Repair the gastrointestinal mucosa with yeast cell wall, thereby rehabilitation or restoring gastrointestinal function, and also reduces andHold the absorption speed of these toxic substances.
The liver has an important role of metabolism, digestion, detoxification, coagulation, immunomodulation, the liver is damaged, and the toxic substances in the body cannot be metabolized and clear, and normal metabolism will have confusing. Huangquamycin poisoning is very large for animal liver, and can endanger human health, so we must do the quality of quality strict control, not feeding mold, and prevent yogamycin poisoning. It is necessary to add a decentralization in the feed. 1 kg of mixture 2000 kg

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