How to prevent porcine epidemic diarrhea

Pig flow-length diarrhea is an acute intestinal infectious disease caused by pig flow tract diarrhea virus. It is characterized by vomiting, diarrhea and dehydration.
The sick pig is the main infectious source, and the virus exists in the intestinal velvet epithelial lymph in the intestinal lymphatic lymphatic, and the feces are discharged, contaminated the surrounding environment and feeding equipment to spread infection. This disease is mainly used in digestive tract, but some people have reported that this disease can also be infected with respiratory tract and can be discharged from the respiratory secretion.
Various age pigs can infect onset. Breastfeeding pigs, weaning piglets and fattening pigs infection is 100%, and adult sows are 15% ~ 90%, have a certain seasonality, mostly in winter, and there are also reports in summer. my country is popular in the winter season in February to the next year.
(1) Symptoms: Similar to infectious gastroenteritis, sudden onset, the propagation speed is slower than infectious gastroenteritis, and the whole group of pigs during several days. The sick pig is initially manifested as a decrease in appetite, and the pigs have vomiting, taking grayish yellow or grayish ray, fecal odor, with undecided food, body temperature is normal. Severe dehydration or death. The smaller the piglets, the higher the mortality; the longer the age, the lower the mortality. Generally, the larranaria is rehabilled 3 to 7 days after the disease.
(2) Diagnosis: The epidemiology, clinical symptoms, pathological changes of this disease are basically similar to pig infectious gastroenteritis, but the mortality rate is slightly lower than pig infectious gastroenteritis, and the speed is spread in pigs. It is also relatively slow, so it is more difficult to diagnose the clinical integrated diagnosis method, mainly on serological diagnosis.
(3) Prevention.
1) Prevention: 1 vaccination: using a pig diarrhea hydroxide in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Harbin Veterinary Medicine, 3 ml of pregnant sow in the pregnancy sauce, 10 to 25 kilograms of piglets 1 ml, 25 ~ 50 kg inoculated 3 ml, 15 days after vaccination, immunity, the immunization of the mother pig, 6 months of other pigs. 2 usually to strengthen the anti-epidemic work in winter, prevent the incoming path of this disease, prohibiting purchasing pigs from the disease, preventing dogs, cats, etc., should strictly implement the sterilization system of entering and exiting the pig farm.
Once this disease occurs, it should be blocked immediately, restrict personnel visit, strictly disinfect pig house utensils, wheels and channels. The pregnant sow and the breastfeeding of the pregnant sow and the breastfeeding of 20 days are isolated from the safe area.
2) Treatment. Usually used a symptomatic method, you can reduceYoung pig mortality rate promotes recovery. The sick pig group replenishes oral salt solution daily (3.5 grams of sodium chloride, 1.55 grams of potassium chloride, 2.5 grams of sodium bicarbonate, 20 grams of glucose, 1000 ml of water). The pig house should be kept clean and dry. Antibiotic treatment for 2 ~ 5 weeks old sick pigs can be treated with rehabilitation pigs, anti-coagulation or high serum-free serum, 10 ml of oral oral, for 3 days, have a certain treatment and preventive role in newzi pigs. Left, oral, once a day, 50g / nest once, diluted with cool white boiling water or pure water for epidemic diarrhea, postpartum small pigs have a good effect. 11 Left stop .jpg

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