How to prevent porcine-like virus disease

Pig-shaped virus disease is also known as a rim virus diarrhea, a acute intestinal infectious disease caused by a pig-shaped virus, a large number of piglets, and less sickness in young pigs and adult pigs, is a human animal suffering from infectious disease. Infectious routes through digestive tract and respiratory infection.
Anorexia, bad activity, sometimes vomiting in the initial stage, and then diarrhea, feces, yellow, gray or black, sometimes mixed with blood and mucus. Generally, it can be healed from 2 to 3, but if it is severely dehydrated, within 3 to 7 days of failure.
1. Strengthen feeding management, maintain the clean hygiene of pig houses, pay attention to the cold cold and keep warm, and enhance pig resistance.
2. In this disease, struggle to do the newborn piglets to eat early and early breasts to reduce the disease or reduce the symptoms of diseases.
3. Adhere to frequent pig houses and utensils.
4. Once the sick pig is found, isolated immediately, and ensure that the pig house is warm, dry, and timely clean the feces and other pollutants of the sick pigs, and disinfected.
5. Pigs the infusion of sow, carry support therapy, and antibacterial anti-inflammatory disease prevents the occurrence of secondary disease.
6. Chinese medicine assist: Palong, Huanglian, Cork, Chenpi, Micro-Solution

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