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Spring is coming, all things have recovered, and all kinds of parasitic eggs have begun to be active.

At this time, the most common in vitro parasitic diseases of the pig farm called pigs, also called pigs, pigs, is a chronic skin caused by 疥 疥 虫 于 于 于 于parasitic disease.

There are various ages of the disease infection, but there are more piglets. There are many in autumn, winter, spring in spring, and less in summer.

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The lesions of pigs have occurred mainly in the skin, the head and neck, ear, and shoulder blades, etc. Most of the first occurs in the head, especially around the eyes, can spread to the abdomen, limbs and even the whole body when severe.

Due to the mouthpiece of the mites, the slurry is pierced into the subcutaneous, the patient begins to red, local inflammation, itching, often rubbed on the corner, pigbar and other roughness. After several days, a small nodule appeared on the skin, subsequently ruptured, and formed into a skin, and the body fur off.

When the condition is serious, the skin is dry, loss of appetite, growth stagnation, gradually thin, and even cause death.

Since the sustained teeth, the pig is thin, the growth of the goods is slow, the feed conversion is severe, and the pig is not eating.

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In addition, due to a chronic, consumable process, there is no significant large amount of pig death, so the loss caused by it is often easily ignored, which makes most pig farms. Huge losses affect the roof benefit.

Preventive measures

(1) Keep the coil ventilation, dry cleaning, and the winter and spring season.

The mites are in a humid, and the vitality is strong in the cold environment, and the dry, warm and direct sunlight resistance is weak.

(2) The pig group cannot be too crowded, regular disinfection rings, and use.
There are differences in the disease in poor feeding management or poor sanitary conditions.

The pig is a major infectious source, and the healthy pig is infected by direct contact or contaminated railings, utensils, or the like directly in contact with pigs.
(3) The newly introduced pig should be carefully checked and determine that there is no mite to raise the group.
(4) Treatment of the pig groups, and timely treatment of sick pigs.

Treatment measures

1 enemy insects, dissolved in water, mixed with 1% to 3% concentration sprayed pig or washed the affected portion.

Because the pigs have developed to adults from insects, it takes about 15 days, so it takes 10 to 14 days, and the effect will be better. The annephic aqueous solution is now available, it is not advisable.
2 Ivi, 0.3 mg per kilogram of body weight, subcutaneous injection or shallow muscle injection, the drug effect can last for about 20 days in the pig.
3 double methabol, domestic double methoxidium is 12.5% ​​of the induvers 40 ml, sprayed pigs, currently available, interval for 10 days, once again. Used to prevent once every 2 to 3 months.

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