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Jin Jiu Silver 10, October is the season of aquaculture harvest, and is also the peak season of sea cucumber fall. This year’s sea cucumber is unprecedentedly high. According to reports, the purchase price of Dalian fresh sea cucumber has now soared to 120 yuan per catty! Sold prices are good things for farmers, but Dalian’s sea cucumber farmers, Mr. Liu, I am not happy: “There is not much sea cucumber in the waters of the farming, what is the use of the price?”

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Why this year’s sea cucumber What is “no arrest” in the harvest season? This is mainly influenced by the high temperature in summer this year, and there is a large area of ​​hypoxia and epidermis, and the large-scale death. According to statistics, this year’s high temperature weather leads to 950,000 mu of Haijing, Liaoning, reduced by 68,000 tons. Sea-cucumbers, also known as “rot skin syndrome”, or “skin ulcers”, is the most common and most harmful disease in sea cucumber, high infection rate, fast infection, once the pathogenesis will spread to the whole pool The mortality rate is as high as 90%.

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2018-10-17 14:02 Upload Sea-Cucumberi is mainly caused by a large amount of infection of pseudonobacteria and eucalyptus. When the water environment of the sea cucumber is not good, the seedlings have reproduced a large number of seedlings to lead to the pathogenesis of sedation of sedation. In the late stage of infection, the sea cucumber formed surface trauma due to epithelial invasion of bacteria, and the trauma surface is susceptible to the enrichment and growth of parasites such as molds and ciliarils, thereby exacerbating the death speed of sea cucumber. In response to the chemical disease of sea cucumber, there is currently a more fishing drug disinfectant to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization in the breeding water body, but the effectiveness of the disinfectant to the sea cucumber and the destruction of the water environment cannot be destroyed. Neglect. We recommend using natural safety and simultaneous Dragonfly, which has bacteriostatic and insectomy, to prevent seabrogens.

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2018-10-17 14:03 Upload Le Chang’s original imported small eucalyptus essential oil in Australia, rich in natural active substances 1 , 8-eucalyptus. 1,8-桉 素 has good transdermal, can directly destroy the integrity of parasite and bacterial cell membrane, thereby preventing the absorption pathway of nutrients on the membrane, inhibiting normal physiological functions of parasites and bacteria. Therefore, it is possible to effectively inhibit the harmous bacteria in the water body, and can also remove parasites such as cibluetaves inside and outside the sea cells, and achieve the role of preventing and treating sea-to-strander.

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Practice has proven to take advantage of Dragon Changle, plus 100 grams per 200 kg feed, continuously feeding 1 week, the parasitic in the sea cucumber seedlings can be cleaned, and the ulcen wound is gradually Healing, the chemical skin disease gradually disappeared, and the sea chorecium trend will grow healthily. Moreover, the extracted essential oil ingredient extracted by the pure plant is absolutely safe, not injured, and does not pollute the water, there is no drug residue. The article is from the official website of Shandong Longxuan. Sea-Cucumberi skin disease, sea cucumber condole syndrome, sea cucumber culture

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