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Sheep insective colds are an acute, thermal, highly contactive infectious disease caused by sheep influenza virus. Its characteristics are: anxiety, fast transmission, high incidence, low mortality, lactatory, muscle or joint pain and respiratory symptoms. There is a significant seasonal season, in the autumn, winter, early spring, different varieties, gender, and age of sheep.
The main reason for sheep:
Due to poor management, long-distance transportation is too fatigue, crowded, etc. Invasion, infringement of lung guards, lung loss, and historical regulation of loss of the disease. Due to the evil poison, there is a cough, runny, asthma, etc.
The main symptoms of lamb:
2 to 7 days, the temperature of the disease suddenly rose to 40.3 ~ 42 ° C, loss of appetite or loss of appetite, breathing, breathing, sneeze, cough. Nasal stream dropping or slurry nasal, eye-catching film flush, tears and secretions. Muscles, joint pain, sorrow, do not want to stand, do not want to walk, forced walking, showing lame. The course of the disease is generally 4 ~ 7 days, most of the sour sheep recovered, and very few deaths. If the bronchi pneumonia, the condition is aggravated, and even death.
How to prevent sheep flu?
To keep the sheep house clean, dry, cold, keep warm. It is found that the sour sheep should be immediately isolated, and the column is completely disinfected to prevent the condition spread. This disease is not very effective, so symptomatic therapies and anti-infection in antibiotics.
Method for the main treatment of sheep:
Common therapy is as follows (according to 50kg of body weight):
1, Bupleurum injection 2 ~ 5ml; penicillin 1.2 million international unit muscle injection, every day 2 times. (123) Water fried, daemon. Sexually infectious diseases, long-distance transportation, bronchial pneumonia, secretions, sheep flu

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