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The temperature in spring is uncertain, the cold is hot, the chicken is difficult to adapt, all kinds of diseases come one after another. Among them, the egg chicken diarrhea such illness is very easy to relapse. The following small sheets share the prevention and control of the egg chicken diarrhea.
1. The prevention and treatment of diarrhea caused by viral disease

1. Infectious cysts. It can be done with interferon drinking water while adding astragalus poly sugar in water. In order to prevent secondary coli, antibacterial drugs are added to drinking water.
2. New city disease. According to the local immunization procedures, the egg chicken is used to use the new city’s IV system or clone 30 four times, drinking water once. For atypical new city evolutions, it should be based on 2 to 4 times the age of 2 to 4 times IV or clone. Eyes, drops of nose or drinking, and treat respiratory or intestinal infection according to symptoms and cutting changes; It is strictly forbidden to vaccinate, and the interferon can be preferred, followed by duty with interferon.
3. Avian flu. Anti-virus, respiratory infection, and drug-protecting drugs can be added to the water.
Second, bacteria causing diarrhea prevention

Strengthening feeding management, reducing the bad stimuli of the external environment, and improving the resistance of chicken. After the disease, there is a conditional stroke to carry out bacterial culture, do a medicine sensitivity test, select sensitive drugs, and use the drug in time to reduce unnecessary losses.
Third, parasitic disease causes the prevention and treatment of diarrhea

Strengthening feeding management, regularly deworming, for diarrhea, leukotlasis, tattlacton disease, tattodiosis Different methods, please leave a message for details.
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Fourth, poisoning causes diarrhea to prevent diarrhea

1. Drug poisoning. Neidly, sodium bicarbonate or oxylotoxic drugs and glucose containing ingredients such as sodium hydrogen carbonate or Ulu products are added, and vitamin C is added to relieve poison. 2. Mold toxin poisoning. Each chicken mouthSerum a mildew 30,000 to 50,000 units, twice a day, 2 to 3 days, drinking glucose and vitamin C.

Five, Physiological Diarrhea Prevention

1, reduce the crude fiber content in the subsequent feed of primary egg chicken, does not add rice bran, and control the amount of bran within 10% .

2, properly control of drinking water, drinking water is 2/3, add ampicillin (10 g / 50 kg), vitamin C (5g / 50kg) in drinking water, for 5 days. Stop drinking electrolytic multi-dimensional.

This disease uses antibiotics to use the antibiotics, and the following measures can be taken: control drinking water, drop 2/3 of the original drinking water, and join in the water Drugs, specific message consultations, 15726600639 or tanqueous acid proteins in the feed, bismuth nitrate or activated carbon, and add electrolytic multi-dimensional, composite vitamin B and cod liver oil in water.

Although the factors that cause the egg chicken diarrhea, although it is more diverse, according to clinical symptoms, finding the cause, timely adoption of comprehensive prevention and treatment measures, from the root cause, it can effectively prevent and control the egg chicken diarrhea occur.

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