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Zambow, weakness due to their own quality, vitality is fragile, while increasing management difficulty, the survival rate is low, causing waste of sows and feed, increasing the cost of feeding management, and reduces the year productivity of the sow. It is popular to tell the stiff pig, which is not long. It is only a pig that is not long, and the weight is very small.

The clinical manifestation is good, and the diet is relatively normal, which is smaller than the same nest pig, or the youth and the growth rate is extremely slow. This is a hidden losses in the pig industry, deserving us. ZJTOO_ copy .jpg

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The cause of Zambow generates a lot of reasons for the origination of Zambow, and more than 70% is caused by two or more factors, and there are several situations: 1, fetal bomb (tire) The cause of stiff formation) The sow is not properly managed in pregnancy. Master nutritional supply does not meet the needs of fetal development, causing fetal growth and development, and in the end of the uterus, the intestinal health of piglets is poor. The rear bunch of pigs over the morning interface. The body is not sufficient, if it is prematched, on the one hand itself is to grow, on the other hand, it is necessary to supply fetus growth and development, which will cause the stiff pig. The sow is still useful. Old gestational age has a comprehensive decline, especially digestion, absorption, and nutrients will be greatly reduced, so that the fetus is not fully nutrient. 2, the milk is stiff pig, the milk is expressed as lactation, and the pig is very lightweight, and it is worse. The sow is inadequacy supply in the late pregnancy. Poor postpartum lactation, less lack of milk, lack of milk or milk. After the piglet was born, the fixed nipple did not pass. After born in piglets, you can fix the breach, but it takes longevity, often causes strong middle and front-row nipples that have high urchurization. The weak squeezed nipples are stronger, leading to strong, and weak. Weak, strong weak individual size is more and more disadvantage. No foster in time. The sow is generally produced more than its effective nipple. When the sow is insufficient or when the mother pig is died, if it is not sent to the piglet or all of the pigs (near the date of the period, no more than 3 days), it will make the piglets caused by the breasts to eat milk. Blocked. No food replenishment. PigletThe feed is too late, the digestive can not exercise in time, will cause piglet loss, pulse, weight loss, while growing piggy growth, breast milk supply and pig nutrition need to form a contradiction, if not in time, will hinder piglets Development, even if nutrition improvement is improved, it is difficult to compensate. 3, the status of the stamitar pigs is due to long-term disease, such as the invasion of the cold, asthma, the disease, the disease, pulmonary disease, 疥 疥 病病 and nutritional anemia is not treated in time. In particular, the disease caused by parasitic diseases accounted for 70% to 80%. In addition, some trace elements such as selenium, zinc, iron, copper, etc .; lack certain vitamins, such as the vitamin B family will cause the stiff pig. 4 The growth of the stress caused slowly and formed a stiff pig. 5, insects stangers are not in time, or insects, or leakage drives piglets to grow slowly and form a stiff pig. 6. Pharmaceutical is caused by improper medication during piglet disease. Such as: piglets, excessive use of tutaneous diarrhea, causing the pigs in the pig, forming a belly thigh, two pointers, thin, growing slow, forming a stiff pig. In actual production, the direct cause of Ziguzig is a series of liver gallballocogenesis of a series of important functions such as metabolism, transformation, and synthesis, in the pig, is expressed in the lack of bile acid, and the pig’s digestion and absorption transformation of nutrients. Pig growth is blocked. Bile acid is a major active ingredient of bile, a series of steroids produced during the cholesterol metabolism in the animal, is a mixture of components, with multiple biological activity. Bile acid is synthesized by liver and stored in a gallbladder. The endogenous bile acids of animal self-synthesis mainly have two major roles: as a digestive solution, after eating, bile acid is discharged into the intestines, and the fat, activates lipase, and improve lipase during fat. The enzymatic ability of the enzymatic solution, the transport of fatty digestive makes the small intestinal velvet membrane absorbed. As the excretion, after the digestion of fat, the free bile acid is intravenous, and the hepatocyte is uptaked, and the free-type bile acid recombines the binding bile acid, and the same absorption and the newly synthetic binding bile acid together Discharge into the intestines and complete a liver cycle. The bile acid returning to the liver has the effect of stimulating liver bile secretion. Thin bile can smoothly, discharge the toxins, metabolic products accumulated in the liver togetherIn vitro, it plays a role in protecting the liver and care. In the normal pig, bile acid occurs a certain amount of loss in the process of liver and intestines (carrying toxins, etc.), and in the case of using high-fat high protein feed formulations, this loss will exacerbate, liver The amount of secretion is not sufficient to compensate for the loss, resulting in insufficient endogenous bile acid in the pig. This lack of lack of young pigs is more serious, mainly due to the imperfectness of young pigs, and the amount of bile acid is only 10-25% of adult pigs. The lack of bile acid secretion will result in a block of fat digestion, waste of energy, and is easy to induce a variety of diseases such as hepatobiliary metabolism. The oil-absorbed grease is not digested, degraded in the intestines, and proliferates the phantom microbial groups, breaks the original intestinal microecological balance, and generates flora dishes. When the hepatobiliary system is damaged, the function is damaged, and the lack of bile acid secretion, causing the liver endotoxin accumulation, increased blood and garrow damage, forming a vicious circle! Long Chang pig special bile acid is a boutique natural extract made in Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Company, mainly ingredients are pigscholic acid, pig deoxycholic acid and goose deoxycholic acid. Bile Acids For the magical effect on the treatment of Zambow, based on its two main roles: protecting liver and boldness and promoting fat and lipid-soluble substances. The addition of exogenous bile acids, on the one hand, it can improve the absorption of nutrients such as fat to fat, and provide sufficient energy and nutrients for pigs. On the other hand, it can greatly improve the health of piglets. The liver is the central metabolism of pigs, repairs damaged liver, restores liver function, can make the stiff pig re-recovery, rejuvenate! Bile acid, after more than ten years of accumulation and precipitation, has benefited numerous pig farms, solved the problem for many farmers. May Longchang bile acid can also give you a blessing! The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (, please indicate the source. Thank you ~

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