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1. Timed Products is also good, batch production. The key to success or failure is how the pig farm is the foundation. The use of timing products or hormones can only be “adding flowers on the brown” by “Snow.” If your pig farm is low, it is very low, it is hard to achieve good results with a hormone product.
2, a while of the sow: 5-6 days of follicular period, 14-15 days of yellow body.

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3, the estrus skills said that it is to extend the yellow body of the sow, we can use allyl pregnancy (also called Tetraceone) to make the yellow body from 14 days Extension to 21 days or even longer.

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4, Simply Timing Products:

(only using allyl propensorin GnRH)

The rear sow is regulated in the unified estrus by means of allyl propensorin. I have been feeding for 18 days, and I have a concentrated estrus 5-7 days after stopping the drug.

After the production of pigs started with allyl pregnancy before weaning, fed different time periods (generally better than 7 days or more than 12 days), doing drugs on the same period of drug And concentrated on 5-7 days after stopping the drug.

Simminated timed product is very important, that is, you must use the boar to conduct estrus identification after stopping the drug.
5. Precision timing Products:

Ether use gonadotropin GnRH)

mainly on gonadotropin, no longer need The boar conducts estrus identification. Detained point time.
6, the batch production is goodBad, to a large extent, there is a great relationship with the sow, it is the proportion of the sow estrus within 7 days after weaning, and even the proportion of the sow in 5 days, in addition, it is also the proportion of the truth with the reserve pig. The second feeling, the birth rate is related. If the sow itself is irregular, it is relatively scattered, and the effect of using hormones in the site is not too good.

7. The concept of batch sow is the concept of childbirth rate, because the batch interval is longer, the number of breeding sows and the number of childbirth sows are easily determined, and the childbirth rate is more accurate, I don’t know if it can be like this understanding?
8, allyl pregnancy dilution carrier is currently used in dimethyl sulfoxide, and our current edible oil is also very good. The uniformity of allyl pregnancy dilution directly affects the effect of feeding.
9. The allyl pregnancy feeding method is also very important. The production of the dose must be compared to the fed head. Each batch is evaluated and tracked. The following table is an example.

Test results after the feeding alone pregnancy, the same period of estrus

Batch number of fed 5 / head after the drug number of different days / hair rate /% 5 days 6 7 days A111444416771.1% B21126602381.3% C31503962091.3% D411630550073.3% E514433.3.3% E5144336423385.4% F6119275425189.9% total 7551693736814

10, all hormones products The tracking of the relevant data must be done, and the can be improved.
11. In the past, the preparation of pigs in the past, the birth rate directly determines the effect of the hormone using the reserve pig, for example, some batch of pigs are less than 80%, and the effect of using hormones will not exceed 80%. So improve the fundamental is also the management of each batch of pigs.

Table 2 After the batch of pregnancy, pregnancy

Breeding batch number / head pregnancy / head returning abortion / adult sexual rate /% Natural Emotional number hormone treatment Number of empty returns A158770129695.6% B2349101041984.8% C31113781411590.4% D4678551421590.4% E527123121491392.0% Total 197513256456890.5%
12, allyl pregnancy (also known as tatlylycetone) is a synthetic progesterone, no reproductive, carcinogenic, teratogenic, and other long-term toxicity. The residue in the tissue is mainly in liver, kidney, fat, muscle residual residue, and the half-life is 10 days, 60% is discharged. At present, allyl propensor is mainly used in the same period estrus for the batch of the re-prepared sows and lack of love.
13, allyl pregnancy in Europe and the United States, other countries, some parts of France and Germany prefer to feed 20mg / head daily, with 18 days (Martinat, 1990), other parts of Germany Pigs feeding 15-20 mg daily, with more than 15 days (huhn, 1996); North America recommended for 14 days, if we know the time of the post-preparation of mother sows, shorter feeding period is also possible (Kirkwood, 1990). It is generally deactivated 5-7 days estrus (see Figure 1 can be seen).

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14, allyl pregnancy can be fed using a method of direct oral or feed added. For the backup of the big column, it is more suitable for direct oral, in order to ensure the feed effect, you can use apple juice or sugar to beacinated and fed with oral guns, and for the positioning column, you can use feed to add Law, 16 mg of allyl peroplatin is added to a small amount of feed. 15. Remember: The most basic principle of hormone use is to use it when hormones are most likely to function. (above the data part from the pig students)

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