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The reason is probably the following:

1, winter boring Shed is easy to send

Has repeatedly stressed that winter chickens can’t be shed, and many chicken farms have avoided. After the chicken group respiratory tract is aggravated, after the casualty rate of chickens, I found later. – Reasonable and effective ventilation, prevent chickens from being bored with cold winds.

2, winter must be humidified

The humidity of the chicken is small, which causes dust, dust, and the virus enters the lungs, the lungs are subjected to self-protection secretion of mucus; breeding environment The ammonia concentration is too high, and the respiratory system will secrete mucus. Bacteria, mycoplasma in a large amount of nutrients in the lungs using a nutrient ingredient in mucus. The lungs under the action of inflammation, the trachea has secreted mucus, and the mucine of the lungs under the action of physiology, and the mucus in the trachea deposited downward under gravity. The bronchial is two mucus intersections. Bacteria, mycoplasma opened the path to the virus in the lungs, and the virus took the opportunity to enter the infected body.

3, the pathogenesis of bronchial clogging

The respiratory traction is not controlled, and the body’s own immunity is lowered, and will continue to infection, and at this time, the lungs have been The alveolar is rejected for gas exchange. However, the lung is a substantial organ. Once inflammation, the inflammatory secretion can only be excluded by fine branch tracheal-bronchi-respiratory tract, the body is heated by inflammation, and the inflammatory secretion is solid. When the diseased chicken that started to start, there will be a neck-opening breathing; the bronchi, the fine branch trachea is blocked by the yellow dendritic, the lungs are red, edema, black and purple, if it is a solid, the chicken belly is dying.

Treatment of bronchial clogging, first strengthen winter feeding management will effectively reduce the incidence of bronchial blockage.

The trachea or bronchial airway embolization is one of the crisis, because the respiratory tract is also known as the airway, is a life channel. Once it is completely blocked, it will endanger life in a few minutes, to grasp the treatment time. .

Clogging once the initial formation (hollow state)At this time, the drug must be used at this time, the control mortality continues to increase. Urgent crusts, speed-saving speed, the first thing is to play the airway first, otherwise there will be large quantities of death without treatment time, causing huge losses.

Funongzhihuqing, pure Chinese medicine formula specializes in the treatment of respiratory infections or trachea caused by viral diseases.

How to prevent the bolifier in winter

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