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What medicine is? Improve the intestines, use music! —- Northern Northern Customer Cases Lianyungang’s boss farmed 5,000 densoli in 160, there is a phenomenon of pulling and overcoming, because of the egg, it is not dare to use antibiotics, with some intestinal Chinese medicine, effect improvement Not obvious, very headache, there is no way to solve, Zheng Teacher Zheng, the new animal husbandry, the use of Le Chang 1 kg / ton, after 4 days, Chen boss reaction, “The feces is significantly better than before, chicken There are more feces, and the feces are molded. The pulse is significantly less, and the color of the eggshell is significantly lower than before. Case Analysis 1 For intestinal tract, pulse, over! Le Chang contains a variety of phenolic substances, its hydrophobic Sexual components can act directly on the cell membrane, accumulate on the bimeric lipid film of bacteria, occupying space between fatty acid chains. This interaction causes changes in the structural conformation of bacterial cell membrane, resulting in the liquefaction and expansion of the cell membrane, loss of stability of the film , Permeability enhancement, intracellular ion and content exudation, ultimately leading to bacterial cell death. 2 to improve production pressure, bacteria and nutritional supply supply, is the root cause of dummy inflammation. The pressure is almost a friction, and the bacterial infection is infected with the intestinal exports. It will form a bacterial blood infection when the intestinal bacterial infection is solved. I have a hard time. Le Chang can promote the repair of damages and fallopian tube epithelial cells while eliminating the harvest, and the purpose of the symptoms, of course, the comprehensive treatment measures are more reliable, such as add music When the control of the feed quality, VA / VE, etc. will make the fallopian tube healthier! 3 Le Chang’s security EU feed additive certification directory, 2017 get the final review and confirmation, so this version is still current

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