How to raise a chicken in winter?

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Winter chicken seven pay attention, I hope to help you!
First, cold and warm. Winter climate is cold and change, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the production of chicken, especially the effect on the production of egg chickens is very obvious. Under normal circumstances, it is possible to take appropriate increase in feeding density, and close doors and windows, drink warm water and stove heating. How to raise a chicken in winter?
Second, moderate ventilation. Due to the low temperature, the cockroach door is closed, the ventilation volume is reduced, but the ammonia gas produced by the exhaust gas and chicken manure fermentation of the chicken is still present, and the anti-hens of the chicken is like disease. Therefore, we must effectively handle the relationship between ventilation and warmth, and timely remove feces and debris in the hut. When the weather is better at noon, you should open the window ventilation, so that the air is fresh and the oxygen is sufficient. Winter chicken seven pay attention?
Third, reduce moisture. In the winter, the ventilation volume is small, the water evaporation is reduced, and the hot air in the cohere is in contact with the cold roof and the wall will condense into a large amount of water, causing excessive moisture in the chickens, and created a large amount of breeding bacteria and parasites. condition. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen management, pay attention to keep the cleaning and dryness in the hill house, timely maintenance of damaged sinks, and avoid too much full, it is strictly forbidden to splash in the land.
Fourth, regular disinfection. Disinfection work should run through the whole process of chicken. The temperature in winter is low, and the activity of bacteria has dropped. But winter climate is cold, and the resistance of chickens is generally weakened. If you neglect disinfection, it is easy to cause disease outbreaks.
V. Supplementary light. Winter nights are short, and the egg hi will cause a decline in the egg loss due to lack of light. In order to overcome this natural defect, it can be made up of manual supplementation. In general, the total time per day shall not be less than 14 hours, nor for more than 17 hours. For example, the natural light in the day is 12 hours, and manually supplemented light 2-5 hours a day.
Six, increase energy. Chicken lescatically feeds the feed to the body to maintain thermal temperature, the lower the temperature of the outside, the more the heat energy of the chicken acts on the warm energy. According to the measurement, the feed consumption of winter chickens increases than other seasons.0%. Therefore, in the feed of winter chicken, energy must be guaranteed, in addition to ensuring a certain exception to the protein, it should be appropriately added high energy feed containing starch and sugar to meet the physiological and production needs of chickens.
Seven, enhance physical fitness. The resistance of winter chickens declines, pay special attention to do a good job in preventing epidemic prevention, regular vaccination. According to the actual situation, some prophylactic drugs may be fed regularly to increase the content of vitamins and trace elements in the feed.
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