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How to raise the sheep efficiency
farmers raised sheep, should be started from the actual place, can not put the eyes in the pure and new, should choose a place where the price is not high, or the Boergam miscellaneous sheep and the surrounding area Variety.

(1) Farmers raised sheep with half-grazing and semi-cultivation

farmers raised sheep, can’t just rely on grazing, should be built in the courtyard to be free of wind and rain, Simply relying on grazing, the productivity is unstable, the summer and autumn grabs the stage of weight rise, and the growth and development in the winter and spring will grow slowly. It is necessary to change in the four seasons, summer and autumn does not feed, winter, the day is short

Night long, it is necessary to supplement excellent feed, winter and spring, the binding, prevent “winter thin, spring lack”. In addition, the mountains are prohibited from grazing, and the peasants in the plain are not allowed to grazing, and the farmers have adopted a half-shepherd half-house.

The advantages of semi-animal husbandry and half-house: the grass season, the sheep can feed the green feed of various nutrients, which not only meets physiological needs, plus swimming and grazing, exercising physique, achieving the purpose of promoting health . The grazing time is more than 6 hours, except for the drinking sheep, there is no feed, and the input can be reduced. Holding in the rainy season, the winter and spring season fully plays a role in the winter and spring, adding the trepidation on time, so that the life of the sheep is regular, preventing hunger, affecting the sheep.

(2) Problems with Nakewood Beads

1. Cooperation between Begners. Rural zero star farmers should be organized, and the sheep consisters should be established. The first is a raw ram problem, and 3 to 5 households have a good kind of raw ram in the consortium, providing a paid service for other farmers; the consortium can also establish relationship with nearby sheep farm, except for the learning benefits In addition, when the consortium members of the sheep can go to the sheep farm to accept artificial insemination, so that the loss caused by each household, thereby reducing production costs; then is the problem of disease prevention: Farmers spare sheep, also It should pay attention to the prevention and treatment of the disease, according to the cultured experience in the region, injecting the three four-proof, foot-and-mouth disease, and other vaccines. Farmers scorned the sheep, not worth immunization, plus the vaccine is not finished with the vaccine to throw away, and the consortium can purchase quality vaccine, unified injection of epidemic prevention, unify the insecticide, unified injection, This reduces the consumption and guarantees

The sheep grows up healthily. In addition,Farmers raised sheep consisters, can cause sufficient attention in purchase, selling sheep, learning success, etc., can lead to sufficient attention, give full play to the role of sheep combined, thereby increasing the benefits of farmers raising sheep.

2. Update concept and technology. The biggest disadvantage of farmers raised sheep is that the level of feeding management is low, never focused on the prevention of nutrients and diseases in sheep. The grazing season can not consider the lack of the nutrition of the sheep, and in the lack of season in spring and winter, pay special attention to the nutritional problems of the sheep, and the sheep who died in spring and winter is gradually increased. Precautions: (1) Green grass flourishing season, harvesting, stacking, pay attention to rain and anti-mold, autumn can store corn stalks, etc., do not be greedy without paying attention to preservation. After breaking the spring and winter, EM originally fermented forage is added with a 1 meter wide 2 meter plastic bag, and 4 to 6 plastic bags are divided into two groups to alternately fermented forage the needs of farmers. (2) Pressure. In the spring and winter season, it should be made in time. Empty mother and sheep feed 100 ~ 150 grams, 20 to 450 grams of pregnant sheep, the ingredients are fully utilized by bran, sweet potato slag, tofu slag, corn skin, corn, etc. Add 1 0.05 g / kg, 0.5% sodium chloride, calcium hydrogen phosphate calcium hydrogen phosphate vitamin E 0.8 g / kg, choline choline 0.6 g of chloride, 0.03 g of zinc chloride, 0.03 g of vitamin D30 .8 grams / kg, add lysine and copper-containing amino acids. Use 2 B12 powder every month, 0.8 grams per kilogram of compound vitamins, 1 week, for 1 week, used to prevent malnutrition and anemia.

(3) Paying attention to feeding management and nutritional health scientific

(1) deductible in time. 1 time per quarter, the continuous deworming of avetacin is 1 time, and the intermediate interval is 7 to 10 days, and the usage is used.
(2) According to the seasonal change, the Chinese medicine preparation of the spleen appetite, clearing heat, detoxification, preventing cold, pulmonary heat cough, etc.
(4) Comprehensive analysis

From the market research, the prospect of raising sheep is optimistic, the ranging sheep is small, the cost is low, the risk is small, suitable for farmers breeding, farmers raised sheep, can make full use of local nature Resources, reasonable use of underwater processing of agricultural products. Scientific and raised sheep improves the benefits, is the way to get practical and rich in farmers.

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